Student life 

Enactus is the largest international organization uniting like-minded people. While at Enactus, our students develop leadership skills, the ability to work in a team, put into practice all their knowledge, which is very important in the 21st century, the century of progressive development. Students are engaged in the development and implementation of their own projects, which are aimed at improving the level and quality of people’s lives.

Enactus is an organization where people give themselves and all their strength to their favorite cause. We work not only for ourselves, first of all, we work for people and society as a whole.

The Enactus CU (EnactusCaspianUniversity) team was first formed in 2015, under the leadership of the adviser – Abylaikhan Kamaladin. During the period of 2015, the first team of Enactus CU took part in the competition from PhilipMorris and won the first place. In addition to projects, our team helps in organizing events at the university, such as: “Halloween”, “Secret Santa” on New Year’s Eve, “February 14 is Valentine’s Day”, a game of erudition – “What? Where? When?” etc. And also, we are engaged in holding: round tables, meetings with entrepreneurs, various types of trainings, etc.

The mission of our team is to implement projects that improve people’s lives and the environment.

The dance club was created on September 10, 2015, when three students decided for themselves that dancing is something more than just a hobby. A team called itself “Blackfive” was recruited. Over time, more and more students came to the club, and the name with the number five did not correspond to reality. The new name “Lawless” has come. Which translates from English as “disobedient”. To this day, students have the opportunity to develop their dancing skills, perform not only within the walls of the university, but also create urban battles.

Lawless gathered dancers who do not have a professional choreographic education, but possess dancing abilities. Our club members try to study all kinds of dance directions. Hip-hop, modern choreography, MTV style, vogue, locking and so on. Gaining experience, studying the performances of dancers of the world and various teams, we show our level at various events. Most often, the most interesting spectacle takes place at the battles. Battle is a competition between two or more dancers, using improvisation. Not everyone will be able to go out into the circle and show their talent in dancing.

No event looks so bright anymore if there is no “Lawless” team on the stage. Someone thinks that dancing is easy, and they do not require a return of strength. But even if you come to our rehearsal, you can notice that everyone is trying to give their best in a simple workout. Putting on dances is much more difficult than taking choreography that has already been choreographed. Therefore, the leaders are the strongest dancers. By the way, Lawless is a small family that has its own generations, and, accordingly, its own choreographers.

In the recent 2014, the Panda Events club was created. The team decided to dilute the boring life of students, which is packed with studies. Activists were eager to organize events on various topics. This club was renamed EVENTUM in 2015.

EVENTUM is a club of young, talented, ambitious students involved in organizing events, leisure, and active student life at Caspian University.

This club develops organizational skills. A close-knit team develops new ideas, comes up with original scenarios and holds enchanting contests. Eventum is a kind of reflection and unification of all student life. They support creativity in their strategy. Not everyone can stay in this club, because once again you will need to show ingenuity and resourcefulness of mind.  On the logo of the organizers, you can see a rocket that flies up. The same goals are pursued by the members of the club. Higher. Faster. Stronger. Eventum wants to reach the intercollegiate level in order to raise the student life of our university.

Students are enthusiastically waiting for new holidays. After all, everyone knows that everything will be at the highest level. On the account of the Eventum club, among the most striking events, there is Halloween, Secret Angel and Valentine’s Day. Every holiday, the hall of the Caspian University impresses with its atmosphere. All thanks to the fact that the participants work all evening to achieve the desired effect. This is one of those teams within which a small family has formed.

Caspian Sport Life – everything becomes very clear in the very name of the club. Activists of this organization, together with their mentor – who is Zhanabekov Alisher Seitkanovich – hold various tournaments between universities.

It is thanks to the opportunity to organize such events that students develop not only physical data, because it is impossible to talk about sports without doing it. But also team, communication skills that will always come in handy in life.

This is one of those clubs that show that you need to develop beyond just studying. You need to have your own explosive ideas, learn to organize. Through this comes the education of personality and discipline.

There are three basic rules in the club: respect, discipline, mutual assistance.

Despite the number of participants: there are few or many of us, everyone follows these rules to a single one. At the moment there are 42 members in the club and everyone is discovering their potential and growing together with Caspian Sport Life.

This club started working at Caspian University in September 2015. At the same time, the mentor has extensive experience in this field. The idea of the club itself originated in 2012 in AlmaU (ex. MAB). Over time, the club began to be created in Turan, and came to our university. Not many student organizations can boast of connections with other universities. Caspian sport life is part of a big team with other universities, creating a sports organization called “Sport Life”.

A distinctive feature of this club, at our university, is that we are engaged in personal self-development, attract only bright, active and purposeful students.

The new Sport Life format will not only help students find their way to self-development, but also get them out of their comfort zone.

The main task of Caspian University is to actively develop sports among students. Sport Life conducts all events jointly and in an organized manner with the help of each of the participants, which confirms the presence of a friendly atmosphere in the club.

Everyone treats each event very responsibly, giving 100%, despite the workload in school or other things. Mentors always help and support each member throughout the school time, regardless of time and circumstances, because mutual assistance is our everything!

The debate club “Caspian debate school– is a student community engaged in the promotion of debates.

Debates are an intellectual game, a perspective for active young people – future leaders of society. Debates prepare for responsible decision-making, independence and other skills necessary in a civilized democratic society.

The club was founded in 2015. The founder is Mustafin Elaman. The current coordinator is a 2nd year student, Diana Ibraeva.
Her excellent deputy is a 2nd year student Timur Abzhanov.

Every year, an Internal tournament “Caspian debate school Cup” is held at the university.

Debates can develop in you the necessary skills that are most in demand in modern society! Creativity, logic, leadership, teamwork, responsibility and critical thinking, all these skills are inextricably linked to good debates.

The student club “Daryndy Shanyrak” was founded on November 8, 2016. Unlike other Caspian University clubs, Daryndy shanyrak is the first Kazakh-speaking club. Founder of the club Zhunusbaeva Gulmaral Muratkhanovna. During this short period of time, the student club “Daryndy Shanyrak” occupies a special place in the hearts of many students.
The purpose of the student club:
– promotion of Kazakhstan holidays;
– helping those in need and doing charity work;
– awakening enthusiasm for the future.
Events organized by the club:
December 1 – President’s Day;
December 16 – Independence Day;
March 8 – Women’s Day;
March 22 – Nauryz holiday;
April 14 – Korpesh Bayan Sulu Goat Festival;
May 7 – Defender of the Fatherland Day, etc.

OF “League of Volunteers” was founded on June 4, 2014. During this time, the League of Volunteers has managed to hold major projects such as: Astana EXPO 2017, XXVIII Winter Universiade 2017, International NSL Futsal cup, Almaty Marathon and many other projects are held annually. The chairman of the NGO “League of Volunteers” is – Yeriyazova Aisulu.

The League of Volunteers is an organization of like-minded people united by the desire to help and make this world a little kinder. What are we doing for this? We take part in various socially significant campaigns: dissemination of necessary information, preparation and conduct of public actions, training and much more.

At the moment, the organization has more than 25 representative offices represented by the Universities of Almaty. One of them is a branch of the NGO “League of Volunteers” at Caspian University, which was founded on April 16, 2018.


Existing as a student organization only since September 2019, HIVE confidently and unexpectedly broke into student life and has already managed to take its positions at the university.

HIVE is a creative association that includes the following areas, which they call “cells”: cells of music, video, photo, design and SMM. This is a team of people who embody the most delusional and unusual ideas into reality.

The history of the organization.

In April 2019, three students of Kamil Adilov, Alexander Dean and Konstantin Son founded a creative association outside the university, already having experience in club management and active participation in student life.  In September 2019, the guys decided to become a student organization and conducted a large-scale competitive selection of first-year students and are now actively engaged in creative activities in the updated composition.


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