Student house                                         

The necessary conditions have been created in the hostel: household rooms, refrigerators, gas stoves, washing machines, bathrooms and showers provided in each room. Accommodation in the hostel is paid. Registration in the hostel of nonresident students is carried out by the administration for the entire period of study without removal from registration at the place of permanent residence.

Advantages of the hostel Caspian University:

  • It is provided to all nonresident university applicants, regardless of the chosen form of study.
  • Comfort and coziness. The hostel building has a modern high-quality renovation.
    Security system.
  • It has a kitchenette, showers and bathrooms, washbasins on each floor.

The order of settlement in dormitories:

To check into the hostel, residents must submit:

  • Referral and payment receipt (issued at the conclusion of a contract for the provision of a place in a hostel and payment for accommodation);
  • A medical certificate in the form 086-u (attach a fluorographic image).

The main tasks of the hostel service include: 

  • Organizational and logistical support of the functioning of the student dormitory;
  • Organization of everyday life, maintenance of proper order in the dormitory; – organization of settlement of nonresident students.
  • Organization of educational work in dormitories.

During the period of submitting documents to the Admissions Committee, it is necessary to write an application for a hostel by requesting a consultant. Further, the commission will make a selection within the framework of the following criteria and in the period up to August 20, the results will be provided on the website.

Priority selection criteria:

  • Having the status of “Orphan”;
  • Having 1,2,3 disability group;
  • Applicants whose parents have a disability;
  • Applicants from large families;
  • Having the status of “Loss of breadwinner”;
  • Applicants from remote regions.

Cost: 25,000 thousand tenge per month


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