Psychological support

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The plan of organization of psychological support of students Caspian University.

Objective: to preserve the psychological health of Caspian University students and to support participants in the educational process during the transition to distance learning.

Main tasks:

1. Promoting the full-fledged personal and intellectual development of a student in distance learning

2. Providing psychological assistance to students in their successful socialization in new conditions

3. Providing an individual approach to each student during distance learning.

4. Conducting psychological diagnostics and developing the creative potential of Caspian University students

5. Implementation of psychocorrective work to solve psychological difficulties and problems of Caspian University students during the transition to distance learning

Protection of psychological health of Caspian University students


Psychological diagnostics


1Diagnostics of psychological readiness for distance learningMarch
2Research of the level of students' educational motivation (methodology "Diagnostics of motivation structure", methodology "Orientation to knowledge acquisition", questionnaire "Motivation diagnostics")March
3Diagnostics of the level of self-esteem (G.N. Kazantseva's methodology)March
4The "Self-assessment of mental states" testMarch
5Re-diagnosis of Caspian University students with low self-esteemapril
6Re-diagnosis of Caspian University students with a high level of anxietyapril
7Re-diagnosis of Caspian University students with a high level of aggressionapril
8Repeated diagnostics of the level of intellectual development ("MADIS" technique, option B)april
9Repeated diagnostics of the level of adaptation of Caspian University studentsapril
10Re-diagnosis of anxiety levels in fifth graders during the adaptation periodapril


  1. Correctional and developmental work


1Development of the emotional and volitional sphere of personality, social qualities and communicative culture during the transition to distance learningapril

Psychocorrective work on involvement in social epidemics during forced isolation


Training work on the formation of psychological well-being of teachers

4Group correctional and developmental work with maladapted students in identifyingApril-May

3. Psychological education

№ п/пContentDeadlines
1The work of the "Psychological support Hotline for distance learning"March-June

Webinar "Prevention of suicidal behavior"

Webinar "Signs of the use of surfactants in students"April
Online workshop with elements of the training "Prevention of emotional burnout of a teacher"April
Individual work with curatorsApril
  1. Psychological and pedagogical counseling
№ п/пContentDeadlines
1Individual consulting of teachers during the implementation of distance learning

during the distance learning period

2Providing psychological assistance and support to students who are in a state of actual stress, conflict, strong emotional experience during distance learning.
3Teaching students in the process of counseling the skills of using their psychological characteristics and opportunities for successful learning and development
4Advising Caspian University students in the process of preparing for exams in a distance format


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