Grants and discounts

Olympics Creating the Future

The annual partnership program of Caspian University with 50 companies, in order to provide school and college graduates with grants and discounts for the entire period of study.

Only for full-time applicants.

April 2022

The format of the event is public performances.

Performance evaluation criteria:

  • oratory;
  • topic (completeness of disclosure, relevance, creativity);
  • interactive (presentation, working with the audience).

The performance time is 7 minutes.

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Caspian Dream team Olympiad

Grants and discounts on points ЕNТ

79-98 points – 25% discount for the entire period of study

99-128 points – 50% discount for the entire period of study

129-140 points – 100% discount for the entire period of study

Owners of Altyn Belgi

Caspian University provides a discount of 100% to applicants who scored 90 points or more at the UNT.

For applicants to creative specialties - Architecture/Design – 35 points.

The results of the UNT of all dates of delivery in 2022 are taken into account.

Social discounts

*grants and discounts are provided for the entire period of study, subject to compliance with the rules of the regulations on financial support for students and undergraduates - download


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