To train specialists with higher professional education, the university has a modern material and technical, library and information base corresponding to the Mission, goals and objectives of the university, as well as the requirements of sanitary standards and fire safety. Great importance is attached to the development and strengthening of the material and technical base, information and library system at the university, since the indicators of material and technical, library and information resources of the educational process are a potential characteristic of the university and a guarantee of its stability and dynamic development. For the period from 2010 to 2018 . the material resources of the university have been strengthened due to modernization and equipping with modern technical and information technology resources, and as a result they meet modern requirements for the development of the educational process.

The educational process at the university is carried out in four academic buildings, where there are 3 gyms, 3 canteens, 2 buffets, 2 suburban training grounds and 1 landfill on the territory of the university. The university buildings have 21 computer classrooms, 5 reading rooms, including 1 electronic, 11 multimedia classrooms equipped with projectors, 7 educational laboratories and 4 multimedia complexes. There are 2 language labs where language classes are held.

Every year for the new academic year, repairs and preparation of the classroom fund are carried out. Before the onset of the heating season, the heating system is being prepared for uninterrupted operation all the time. All types of work are completed by obtaining a certificate of 100% readiness and permission to use heat and hot water.

Information about the number and area of premises


Name of the objectSquare(м2)Estimated number of studentsStudy area per student m2
Corpus ICorpus IICorpus IIICorpus Vin total
1Educational and laboratory facilities3160,91289,8422,8-5860,518843,11


(book depository)

3Sports complex106360,2-1056,3 (gym)1522,518840,81
 Total: educational pl.4022,81891,2422,81056,38158,118844,3
5Medical center242019,416,610018840,05
6Others (corridors, bathrooms, etc.)4610,39052,8297,2-1497918848


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