Certified Management Accountant

20 students of Caspian University have won grants for the prestigious international CMA certification.

The SMA certificate is a badge of distinction in the field of finance and management accounting, as well as a significant competitive advantage in building a career. This program, which has received wide recognition all over the world, is specially designed to assess the professional competencies of specialists in the field of accounting and management accounting.


Adil Imenalenov

Aigerim Dauletbaeva

Oleg Rudakov

Elena Fomadi

Dinara Rakhmedinova

Ksenia Hicko

Diana Shamsutdinova

Margulan Amanbek

Dariga Mukhametzhanova

Arailym Akhmetzhanova

Anastasia Kryzhevskaya

Mikhail Titov

Abzalbek Kosak

Togzhan Maksut

Bagdatuly Temirlan

Nursultan Almahanbet

Aruzhan Sharayeva

Asel Abilkasym

Akmaral Serik

Aidan Zholdybai.

What does this give the student? 

Firstly, membership in the IMA for up to three years, that is, for the duration of training and passing two exams required for certification.

Secondly, the entrance fee for access to the SMA program is covered. Access to the test bank, glossary and various educational materials is provided.

Thirdly, registration fees for admission to both SMA exams "Part 1" and "Part 2" are also covered by the grant.

Thus, the nomination gives the student the opportunity to become a member of the American Institute of IMA for free, to receive all materials for exam preparation, as well as to register and pass exams within three years after receiving the grant.

We wish you successful exams and further professional growth. This is a huge step on your way.

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