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Уже сегодня на дне открытых дверей в 16:00 вместе с выпускниками школ и колледжей мы запустим регистрацию на участие в олимпиаде «Создавая будущее»! Новый формат – новые возможности!Ждем Вас!Адрес: Сейфуллина 521, уг.ул. Айтеке би.Начни свою историю успеха вместе с Caspian University!

Опубликовано CASPIAN UNIVERSITY – Каспийский Университет Вторник, 25 декабря 2018 г.


The format of the Olympiad: speeches!

Prepare your speeches for any topic you have chosen, but do not forget that the choice of theme is also evaluated. You can link it to the university, history, current issues, innovations or your future specialty. The choice is yours!

Criteria of evaluation of speeches:


-Theme (completeness of disclosure, actuality, creativity)

-Interactive (presentation, work with the audience, etc.)

Deadline for 7 minutes.

The date of the Olympiad:

February 15, 2019 Godplace:

Caspian University (Seifullina 521, HS. Ayteke B.)

You will also find coffee breaks and many delicious treats, as well as prizes and gifts from our partners.

* Time to be reported Each participant personally!

All the necessary information please call: 8 (727) 250 69 34, 250 69 35