Application procedure


• Student Application Form
• Erasmus+ Learning Agreement For Studies Or Learning Agreement For Traineeship
• Copy Of Legal ID Card Or Passport
• Transcript Of Records In English (Which Shows Your Previous Studies)
• Scanned Passport Size Photo

1. Fill in Caspian University Student Application Form (Completed in full via Computer and
signed by the student and stamped by Admission Office. Application forms without stamp and
signature will be invalid!)

2. Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Studies or Learning Agreement for Traineeship Please get
in contact with your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator in your home University and Erasmus
Departmental coordinators in Caspian University about which courses will be relevant and
recognized as a contribution to your own degree program. Please check to see List of Degree
Programmes offered and detailed lists of the courses of every faculty and school in Caspian
University from the main page or upon the request from Erasmus Coordinator of Caspian
University. The Learning Agreement should be signed by the student, your Departmental
Coordinator, and Academic/Institutional Coordinator. Without confirmation of the Learning
Agreement, Acceptance Letter can not be issued.

All these completed forms along with the other application documents can be sent only:

A) You can send by e-mail to

3. After receiving the Department’s/Faculty’s approval, a letter of acceptance will be issued for
you. Acceptance Letter will be sent by regular post and by e-mail as well to the home university
International Office Address and the student’s home address.
4. «Confirmation Letter for Accommodation» will be sent along with the Letter of Acceptance if
the student request accommodation by filling the Application Form properly. You may also live
off-campus but in such cases, you are responsible for finding your own housing.

5. Please inform our Erasmus Office or your coordinator in Caspian University as soon as
possible on your date of arrival. The Orientation Programme will be sent to the e-mails of the
students before they arrive. The contact details of your coordinator will be provided in
Acceptance Letter.

6. Upon your arrival, please contact your coordinator in Caspian University as soon as possible
for your administrative and registration procedures, also the student assistants will help you with
the practical matters. The contact details of your coordinator will be provided in Acceptance

7. Contact your coordinator in Home University so that he/she knows you have arrived.

8. Deadline of the Submission the Documents

Autumn Semester15 July 2023
Spring Semester15 November 2023

9. During your studies at Caspian University, there can be some changes in your original
Learning Agreement. In that case, you should fill this form. The form will be sent to your home
university for their approval by your CU Dept./Faculty officially. In order to issue your
Transcript of Records correctly and on time, Changes to Learning Agreement is very important!

10. At the end of the semester, an official copy of Erasmus+ transcript of record will be sent to
your International Office.

11. You will need to get student visa (C9) in Kazakh Embassy or Consulate in your country. This
visa is valid during your study period in Kazakhstan. It is necessary to get Acceptance Letter and
Invitation registered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan to submit for visa. These
documents will be sent to you by your Coordinator

12. Please provide yourself with Health Insurance Card valid during your stay in Kazakhstan.


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