Specialty “5B020700-translation Business”

Translation is a special specialty, which requires students not only professional knowledge in the field of translation and knowledge of languages, but also certain personal qualities. This speciality is chosen by people seriously passionate about language learning, as well as fully self-confident personalities, not afraid of the method of “trial and error” to reach heights. Graduates in the field of translation are not only masterly proficient in language tools of the studied languages, but also have sufficient knowledge in other specialities, such as: Jurisprudence, economy, special knowledge in the oil and gas industry, Political science and banking.

Academic degree: Bachelor of Arts majoring in translation business

Items of choice on ЕНТ/КТА:

Foreign language + world history

The disciplines of KTA (for applicants on a related speciality):

Kazakh language/Russian language + foreign language

form of training: self-study, remote

Duration of training:

4 years after secondary education (in absentia)

3 years after the average professional (remotely)

2 years after the higher (remote)

The translator possesses wide scientific and cultural outlook, has knowledge in related sciences, possesses thirst of knowledge, observant, concentrated, self-critical, physically hardy, as he often has to work in heavy mode, can quickly To mobilize resources of the memory, is able to allocate the attention and time, has a sense of tact, erudition and wit.

Within the specialty to consolidate the skills and competencies obtained in the classes, students together with teachers Specialty translation business, was opened by English Speaking Club. One of the main advantages of this club is the expression, i.e. that the speaker’s subject is chosen by him and no one can hinder the discussion of this topic. This method allows to maintain and improve not only conversational skills, but also to study the psychology of language impact on the audience.

Types of professional activity

-translation (translation of different-genre texts and documents, interpretation of negotiations, international meetings, conferences);

-Organizational (organization and carrying out of various kinds of events, Creation of professional and public organizations);

-production and management (management and/or performance of professional duties (different types of translation) in the relevant subdivisions of domestic, foreign and joint Enterprises and organizations);

-Information and analytical (implementation of socio-political analysis, preparation of business correspondence, reports, reviews, forecasts of the situation, editing of translations);

-Research (collection and Processing of practical material, preparation of reports and articles on problems of translation and intercultural communication).

Profiling items

  • Special-Professional foreign language;
  • theory of translation;
  • theory and practice of intercultural communication;
  • practice of translation;
  • interpreting;
  • translation of advertising;
  • cinema-video translation;
  • practice of informative translation;

The Caspian University together with the Erasmusmundus Foundation provides an opportunity for the best students to participate in the Student Mobility program and to study for free in the best higher education institutions in France. The Caspian University encourages the best students with high GPI to receive the Presidential scholarship, and has a flexible system of discounts to support large families.