Program “Piano” is directed on creative, aesthetic, spiritual and moral development of the trainee, creation of conditions for his acquisition of experience of performing practice, independent work on comprehension of musical art.  The approach to students of musical school is individual, as well as classes. During piano lessons, you take into account the physiological peculiarities, the initial level of music education, the tasks you set.

It is important to understand what you expect from learning to play the piano-the ability to perform a simple repertoire, Accompany chords, or grasp the secrets of mastery, continue the career of a musician, participate in contests, concert? Perhaps you want to master a jazz piano or play in a pop band?

For any purpose training begins with the development of correct planting, hands, which allows you to master a variety of techniques, techniques, to achieve the ease of execution of the most virtuoso Works. Piano lessons include various exercises in the development of the performing arts.

About the course:

  • the ability to learn to play the piano for everyone; training on the individually composed program;
  • experienced teachers;
  • class concerts and reporting Concerts;
  • flexible schedule of classes;
  • available tuition fee;
  • discount for the purchase of the “package”


-the cost of 1 hour: 3500 TG.

-Periodicity of classes-2 times a week.

-time of classes is determined individually.

Students, teachers and employees of Kcasi And their family members are provided with discounts.