Speciality “5B051000-state and local management”

graduates of this speciality carry out managerial activity in the sphere of economy and social development.

Academic degree:

Bachelor of Economics and business

subjects of choice on UNT/TA:

Math + Geography

Disciplines of KTA (for applicants on a related speciality):

Fundamentals of Economic theory + marketing

form of training:



learning Rock:

4 years after secondary education (in absentia)

3 years after the average Professional (remotely)

2 years after the higher (remote)

specialization of the educational program

“5B051000-state regulation of the economy”. This educational program is aimed at formation of students Competencies in the field of management and state regulation of economy, acquisition of skills of information technologies in management, budgeting, counteraction to corruption, and also acceptance and execution of managerial decisions, etc.

Features of the program:

  • training in Kazakh, Russian and English;
  • practice in State, municipal bodies and the best companies of Kazakhstan;
  • highly qualified teaching staff;
  • preparation and 95% Employment of competitive graduates;

profiling subjects:

  • information technologies in management;
  • theory of management;
  • system of State and municipal administration;
  • state and municipal service;
  • forecasting and planning;
  • adoption and execution of management decisions;
  • anti-corruption;

graduates will be able to find employment in the following organizations:

  • State authorities of RK, bodies of state power of subjects of RK;
  • Local authorities Self-government;
  • public and municipal enterprises and institutions;
  • civil society institutions;
  • public organizations;
  • non-profit and commercial organizations; international organizations;

scientific and educational The distinctive feature of caspianuniversity is that we teach more than 70% of the teachers-practitioners. We put our priority to strengthen the practical orientation of training specialists.

Teachers, business coaches:

Дорджиев Валерий Федорович – бизнес-тренер, DBA;

Садыков Булат Гасанович – бизнес-тренер;

Биюмбаева Зарина Мусаевна – PECB Certified ISO21500 Lead Project Manager;

Джапаридзе Вахтанг – бизнес-тренер;

Дуйсенгулова Н.С. – к.э.н., ассоциированный профессор;

Крымова В.Ж. – к.э.н., ассоциированный профессор;

Гуляева С.П. – к.э.н., ассоциированный профессор;

Каримова М.Д. –  PhD, ассоциированный профессор;

Даржанова М.Д. – к.э.н., ассоциированный профессор;

Маукенова А.А. – к.э.н., ассоциированный профессор.

Graduates can work in:

  • economic, financial, marketing, production-economic and analytical services of organizations of various branches, spheres and forms of ownership;
  • Financial, credit and insurance institutions;
  • bodies State and municipal authorities;
  • academic and departmental research organizations;
  • educational institutions, primary vocational, secondary professional, higher education Professional and additional vocational education.

Employment Opportunities

  • АО «Центр развития города Алматы»
  • АО «Nurbank»
  • ТОО «АйДжиЭм»
  • ТОО «ХБК «Аксай»
  • ТОО «Helios»
  • ТОО «Французский дом BSB»
  • ТОО «Ардагер»
  • ТОО «VITA Bottlers»
  • АО «Евразийский банк»
  • АО «Kaspi Bank»