Sivers ‘ Apple is the progenitor of all apple trees, according to DNA studies by scientists at Oxford University (UK). A quarter of all known varieties of Apple Home, and this 2500 varieties-originate from the Apple tree sivers.

In the world, except for the apple tree sivers, about 30 species of wild apple trees due to the anthropogenic impact of the sivers apple tree is endangered. In 1992, the area of Apple Groves in Kazakhstan was about 11 thousand hectares, for today this figure is unknown.

This culture is not capable of self-pollination, so each new tree is pollinated from any neighboring. The new plant is unique and has its own set of genes.  Students of Caspian University have seen it themselves. They are actively involved in environmental and environmental projects and projects related to the conservation of biological diversity. They go to the tract of the trans-Ili Alatau, where they grow sivers ‘ apple trees.

The theme of conservation of this plant is already in the hearts of many Caspian Sea. Now the foundation is at the starting point – the development of a competent and comprehensive project and a set of measures that will help to preserve the apple tree. Caspian University is making efforts to preserve this disappearing culture and encourages the public to follow suit.