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Throughout its 27 years of history and fidelity to the classic standards, Caspian University gives its students not only fundamental knowledge that allows them to walk through life with a high head, but also instill in students a tradition of service Truth, goodness, justice. Many alumni throughout their lives do not interrupt the relationship with alma mater, forever retaining in their hearts a sense of deepest respect for their university and teachers.

The main values of Caspian University are professionalism as adherence to the highest ethical standards, innovativeness as a source of new knowledge generation and, of course, learning technologies. Following its values, KU occupies a leading position in the education market in KAZAKHSTAN.

Today Caspian University occupies the third place among private higher educational institutions and enters into 20 strongest specialized universities of the country according to national rating of the best universities of Kazakhstan independent Kazakhstan agency on Quality Assurance in Education (NCAOKO). Our three-level (Bachelor-master-Doctorate) programs are accredited by the German Accreditation agency ACQUIN as complying with world quality standards.

Our programs confidently occupy the top lines of the national software rating. Independent agency of Accreditation and Rating (NAAR) has published the national rating of demand of universities of RK on directions and levels of training of experts of 2017, where KU, for example, occupies the 1st place in the Republic of Kazakhstan on a speciality ” Finance “, 2nd place in the specialty” oil and gas business “and 3rd place in the specialty” jurisprudence “. The authority of the HSE is indisputable for all specialists in this field, the name of the HSE is known to everyone in our country. Employers in turn become

The Caspian University differs from other universities and large-scale projects, which are of a global nature. This is confirmed by the 4 won European Union project “Erasmus + ” in the field of green economics, logistics and electronic microengineering.

The team of like-minded people promotes complex tasks. Powerful teaching staff, in the face of such educators, as authors of many legislative acts and amendments to the Constitution of KAZAKHSTAN Suleimenov M.K., Didenko A.G., discoverer of oil and gas field “Zhan Zhol” Mamer M.S., financiers, who contributed to Formation of the financial system and the work of the National Bank of RK Chelekbai A.D., and Ziyabekova B. A. Was the basis of success of Caspian University graduates. All students of Caspian University forever Unite received in Caspian University knowledge, love to science, good memories of student life, gratitude to teachers.

Today, among the social initiatives of the university-projects for the conservation of the apple Tree Sivers, preservation of the gene pool of sturgeon fish in the Caspian Sea, the opening of the center of psychological assistance “Caspian Soul “, the opening of the legal clinic of academician Basina to provide Legal assistance to the low-income strata of the population, joint project with JSC “Nurbank”, which provides grants for education of children from orphanages (at the moment, 40 students are studying in the COE on the program “Trip to life “) and many others.

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