Speciality “5B050300-Psychology”

graduate of Bachelor degree in “psychology” carries out diagnostic and corrective, expert and advisory, scientific-research, educational-educational activity at the enterprises All forms of ownership and spheres of activity.

Academic degree: Bachelor of Arts in psychology,

subjects of choice on the KTA:

Biology + Geography

KTA (for applicants in a related specialty):

History Kazakhstan + Fundamentals of psychology

form of training: self-study, distance

learning Rock:

4 years after secondary education (in-house)

3 years after the average professional (in-house)

2 years after the higher (remote)

speciality “psychology”-A special profession, which assumes not only mastering of professional knowledge and skills, but also personal development.

The peculiarity of our faculty is the practical orientation of training, in which students in addition to fundamental psychological Training, have an opportunity to work out professional skills of psycho, psychological consulting, development and conducting of training programs under the guidance of teachers-practicing psychologists.

Direction on Organizational psychology includes disciplines “coaching”, “Human resources management”, “Recruitment workshop”, which allows our students to gain knowledge and skills in the field of consulting and personnel management, which in In turn are demanded by the modern labor market. The department pays much attention to research work.

Students have the opportunity to perform at Republican and international conferences, publish their articles in the sectors of student works of collections and journals in psychology.

The created Psychological Center “Caspian Soul” is a practical base for Our students, as well as is the center, where it is possible to get professional psychological advice. The mission of our faculty is professional and personal development, which happens thanks to the cooperation of teachers and students.

The development of professionalism, personal responsibility, creative approach allows our graduates to be competitive and successful personalities in the modern world.