Accreditation agency ACQUIN (Institute of Accreditation, Certification and Quality assurance ACQUIN) carries out accreditation of universities and educational programs both in Germany and in Kazakhstan.

ACQUIN was entered in the European Register EQAR (April, 2009) and in the National Register of Accreditation Agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan (June 2012).

The first visit of ACQUIN coordinators Stefan Schnidke and Nina Soroka to Coe was held in February 2015 in June 2015, Signed a contract with ACQUIN for the provision of services for the accreditation of clusters of two educational programs “jurisprudence” and “finance”.

In November (8-10), 2015 was visited by the Expert Group ACQUIN, which consisted of experienced specialists in the fields of law and finance:

Prof. Dr. M. Ahim Gmilkowski. 
Prof. Etc. Frideris Tibjen.

On March 31, 2016, a regular meeting of the ACQUIN Commission was held on which a positive decision on accreditation of clusters (bachelor, master’s and doctoral studies) of educational programs “jurisprudence” and “finance” was made.

” To this event we went long and persistently-raised the quality of education, perfected our programs. And today we reap the fruits of our labors!

It is worth mentioning that the German Accreditation agency ACQUIN (Institute of Accreditation, Certification and quality assurance) is one of the few accreditation agencies made by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan in the Register of recognized in Kazakhstan.

Considering that today accreditation is the most serious and objective system of quality assessment of education, the CU tries to work with recognized accreditation systems, such as ACQUIN. At the same time we have received national accreditation of Nkaoko, which confirms the quality of education at the university and at the national level.

Now many universities are beginning to think about getting international accreditations-and this is not a matter of prestige. In the conditions when the MES RK is going to abolish the diploma of the State model, and each university will issue its own diploma, it becomes important to create a balanced, objective rating of universities, which can orient any parent and a schoolboy. In this regard, world rankings and accreditation are the most independent and objective! “

Kirachok Oksana Valentinovna
vice-Rector for Academic Affairs