Variety Vocal is the development of musical abilities, formation of skills of singing activity and perfection of vocal skills: singing installation, sound formation, singing breath, articulation, intonation, development of a range. Development of skills of ensemble sing, development of harmonic hearing and intonation, and also acquisition of skills of work in collective.

Conditions of admission:

The entrance to secondary education (after 9 or 11 grades) it is necessary to pass creative examinations on “Pop vocal”, “acting”.

Coming on the basis of secondary special education (after college) it is necessary to pass the ACT and creative exams in the areas of “pop vocal”, “Acting skills”


  • Dual education system;
  • The curriculum is formed on the basis of VGIK standards;
  • the best stuff;
  • cooperation with the largest producer center in Kazakhstan, KS-production;
  • the presence of a platform for creative growth-experimental theatre of musical;
  • participation in International projects, festivals and contests; master-classes from pop stars, Maestro of academic vocal, and instrumental genre, famous actors, composers, directors;
  • possibility to receive discounts and preferential conditions; Trudoustrojsta is a partner company.