Higher School of Law “Adilet” of the Caspian University invites you to take part in the work of the international Scientific-practical Conference on the topic: “Modern problems of civil law”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Ph.D., the leading scientific Employee of the Research Institute of Private Law of the Caspian University Mukasheva K. V.

The Conference will be held on January 25 2019. Start of the conference in 10.00. Beginning of registration of participants in 9.00. Working languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.

Conference Venue – Caspian University (Almaty, Seyfullina Ave. 521, Seifullin Hall, 3rd floor).

The conference is expected to discuss the following issues:

  • civil law of Kazakhstan and foreign countries in the modern world;
  • civil law of the post-Soviet countries: general and special;
  • reforming civil rights in individual states and in Regional unions;
  • civil law and judicial practice:
  • interaction and reciprocity;
  • implementation of foreign law in national civil law;
  • Civil law relations with other branches of law The impact of individual institutions of civil law on the development of national law.

Information for participants

The number of seats is limited. In this connection the organizing Committee of the Conference asks to send an application for participation (with the name, place of work or study, position, degree, telephone, e-mail address) and the subject of the report for inclusion in the program till January 20, 2019 year. Conference in Russian and English.

The conference materials will be published in a separate collection.

To participate in the conference it is necessary to submit to the organizing committee reports in printed and electronic form or by e-mail to the participants because of and regions of Kazakhstan. The reports are accepted in Kazakh, Russian and English languages until January 25, 2019, inclusive.

The reports should be as follows:

-Volume up to 10 pages;-page parameters: Top field-2 cm., bottom field-2 cm., left margin-3 cm., right margin-1.5 cm;

Font – Times New Roman, times Kaz, Font size – 12 pt;-Line spacing – 1; Paragraph indent – 0.5; Text is aligned to width;

-Reports should not contain graphs, drawings or photographs;

-the list of used sources should be located at the end of the article; References to sources in the text of the article are given in square brackets;

-In addition to the report, the file must contain information about the authors (full name, place of work or study, position, academic degree and rank, contact telephone, postal address, e-mail address; For applicants – Review and contact Telephone of the supervisor) in Russian and English languages.

Reports that do not meet the aforementioned requirements will not be published. The editorial board also reserves the right to refuse to publish the report if it is inconsistent with the topic of the Conference, as well as if there are substantial comments to its content.

Organizing Committee:

Director of the Research Institute of Private Law of the Caspian University, academician of NAS RK, Doctor of Science, Professor Suleimenov M.K., Doctor of Science, Professor Ilyasova K. M., Doctor of Science, Professor Karagusov F., Doctor of Science, Professor Moroz S.P., Ph.D., Assots. Prof. Duysenova AE, Ph.D., Assoz. Prof. Sarina S.A., M. N., Senor-lecturer Amangalieva A.

Coordinators for additional questions contact:

Amangalieva Ayzhan, 8 (777) 588 02 15, 8 (727) 250-11-43, vn. 105, e-mail: ayzhan.amangalieva@mail.ru and Sarina Salim 8 (702) 901 01 57, E-mail: sarina_salima @ mail.ru

Respect, organizing Committee of the Conference.