Modern dance is a spectacular performance, which is of great interest to the younger generation. This kind of art is laconic combined into one whole variety of dance styles and elements of stage tricks.

The program is aimed at providing the opportunity for learners to express themselves in dance, develop the ability to achieve creative Expression of emotions through plastic, as well as the preparation of a professional dancer.

The program “Modern Dance” is a synthesis of types and forms of choreographic training, the creation of an integrated model of learning: (Jazz dance, modern dance, Classical dance, rhythm, stretching), emphasis is placed on the study of modern choreography.

The goal is to develop the students ‘ creative abilities, to form aesthetic, cultural and moral values by teaching modern Dance classes are held in groups.

-Cost of 1 lesson: 3000 TG.

-Duration: 90 min.

-Periodicity: 2 times a week.

This course can be a supplement to other disciplines (academic vocals, pop vocals, acting, Fortepi etc.) -In this case you are entitled to a payment discount.

The students, faculty and staff of the Caspian University, as well as their family members, are provided with discounts.