Speciality “5B051100-Marketing

” the speciality “marketing” assumes that graduates of this speciality develop the policy in the field of commodity management, price, sales and communications, directed on satisfaction of needs Consumers and making profits.

Academic degree: Bachelor of Economics and business

Items of choice on UNT/TA:

Mathematics + Geography

The disciplines of KTA (for applicants on a related speciality):

Fundamentals of Economics + marketing

form of training: self-study, remote

Duration of training:

4 years after secondary education (in absentia)

3 years after the average professional (remotely

) 2 years after the higher (remote)

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Specialization of the educational program-“Marketing Communications”

Specialization “Marketing Communications” is introduced taking into account the requirements of the market, the requirements of employers, the predominant desire of students in the profession and provide competitive advantages of graduates.

Features of the program.

This program allows to get theoretical-applied knowledge and practical skills necessary for understanding and further work of graduates. Practical experience in business, as well as experience of teaching shows that the solution of applied problems in the field of marketing communications is impossible beyond understanding the theoretical bases and models of modern communication in general.

Profiling items.

  • Strategic marketing;
  • brand management;
  • project management;
  • methods of marketing research;
  • advertising business models;
  • marketing in e-commerce;
  • media advertising; customer relationship management. CRM, loyalty programs;
  • Internet marketing;
  • Public Relations;
  • marketing analysis;
  • international marketing;
  • business planning;
  • franchising;
  • marketing services;
  • management of marketing;

Career prospects of the profession. The graduate of this educational program is assigned an academic degree “Bachelor of Economics and Business”. Bachelors majoring in “5b 051100-Marketing” (specialization “marketing communications”) can occupy the primary positions of specialists, and other employees in the implementation of managerial, entrepreneurial, commercial, marketing and Research activities of economic entities. At realization of production-sales and scientific-technical Activity Bachelors Study opportunities of marketing communications and environment of economic subjects, conduct marketing researches, select target segment, predict demand Consumers and position the goods for the selected segment, develop a policy in the field of commodity management, price, sales and communications, aimed at satisfying the needs of consumers and gaining profit, develop Strategic and current marketing plans and control their implementation.

A distinctive feature of caspian university is that we are taught by more than 70% of teachers-practitioners. We put our priority to strengthen the practical orientation of training specialists.

Teachers, business coaches:

Dorjiyev Valery Fedorovich-business-coach, DBA;

Sadykov Bulat Gasanovich-business-coach;

Mrs. Zarina Museyevna-PECB Certified ISO21500 Lead Project Manager;

Japaridze Vakhtang-Business trainer;

Duysengulova N. S., associate professor;

Krymova v.-Ph.D., associate professor;

Gulyaeva S.P.-Ph.D., associate professor;

Karimova M.D.-PhD, associate professor;

Darzhanova M. D.-Ph.D., associate Professor;

Maukenova A.A.-K. E., associate professor.

Who are the graduates of this speciality?

After graduating from the speciality “marketing” you will be able to work in these areas

  • marketer;
  • sales agent;
  • economist;
  • analyst;
  • specialist in advertising;
  • brand manager;
  • Internet marketer;

Employment Opportunities

  • АО «Центр развития города Алматы»
  • АО «Nurbank»
  • ТОО «АйДжиЭм»
  • ТОО «ХБК «Аксай»
  • ТОО «Helios»
  • ТОО «Французский дом BSB»
  • ТОО «Ардагер»
  • ТОО «VITA Bottlers»
  • АО «Евразийский банк»
  • АО «Kaspi Bank»