master’s degree program in 6m 050700 “management” in the Caspian University is aimed at training of the highest class specialists in the field of business management. Training on Master’s program 6м050700 “Management” allows to prepare specialists of new formation, which have wide fundamental knowledge; Proactive, adaptive to changing requirements of the labor market and modern technologies, able to work both individually and in the team.

Academic degree:

Master of Economics and business, Master of Economic Sciences

two entrance exams:

Foreign language;

The form of training:

the term of training:

1 year (profile direction)

2 years (Scientific and pedagogical direction)

specialization of the educational program:

-Management in logistics;

-management in health care;

The persons who have received the academic degree “Master of Economy and business” on a speciality “management” possess all necessary knowledge and practical skills for skilled work as top managers of management system Logistics/health care.  They can be used in different managerial positions and have all the necessary knowledge.

Persons who have received the academic degree “Master of Economic Sciences” majoring in “management” along with all necessary knowledge and Practical skills for qualified work as senior managers of the logistics/health management system and have the right to carry out research and teaching activities.

Features of the program.

Master’s degree program in 6M050700-management is a professional educational program postgraduate education, aimed at educational, methodological and research preparation and in-depth study Disciplines of management, logistics, health.

Profiling items/exclusive courses.

  • Logistics;
  • supply chain management;
  • economic and mathematical methods and models in logistics;
  • economical fundamentals of logistics;
  • operations management;
  • Logistic logistics;
  • logistics of distribution;
  • logistics of warehousing;
  • management of logistics;
  • logistics system efficiency analysis;
  • management Logistics;
  • global logistics;
  • marketing in healthcare;
  • management of medical organization;
  • health insurance; strategic management in healthcare;
  • statistics in healthcare;
  • quality Management in Health care;
  • pricing in health;
  • pharmacopeconomy;
  • social and psychological fundamentals of health management;
  • entrepreneurship in health care;
  • taxation in health care;

International activity in the trajectory

“management in logistics” The program “Management of Green Logistics” is implemented within the framework of the project ERASMUS + «LogOn-U: Promotion of trans-Eurasian accessibility through sustainable management of logistics and competence in ICT field “.

Within the framework of this program undergraduates can listen to lectures from representatives of the University of Linkoping (Sweden), also to visit Tallinn Technical University.

Teachers, business coaches:

Dorjiyev Valery Fedorovich-business coach, DBA;

Sadykov Bulat Gasanovich-business-coach;

Biyumbaeva Zarina Musayevna-PECB Certified ISO21500 Lead Project Manager;

Dzhavparidze Vakhtang-Business coach;

Duysengulova N.-Ph.D., associate professor;

Krymova v.-Ph.D., associate professor;

Gulyaev S. P.-Ph.D., associate professor;

Karimov M.D.-PhD, associate professor;

M. Darzhanova-Ph.D., associate professor;

Maukenova A.A.-Ph.D., associate professor.

Employment Opportunities

  • АО «Центр развития города Алматы»
  • АО «Nurbank»
  • ТОО «АйДжиЭм»
  • ТОО «ХБК «Аксай»
  • ТОО «Helios»
  • ТОО «Французский дом BSB»
  • ТОО «Ардагер»
  • ТОО «VITA Bottlers»
  • АО «Евразийский банк»
  • АО «Kaspi Bank»
  • Региональные органы управления здравоохранением
  • Страховые медицинские компании
  • Медицинские организации
  • Фармацевтические компании

Career prospects of the profession.

Master of Economics and business in the specialty “management” can occupy the position of Chief manager, economist-Manager of planning and control, operational management of logistics processes, personnel work, technological and Technical development of logistics process, finance in various services of departments of logistic enterprises and organizations; Managers in the sphere of small, medium and large business, economic, managerial services and subdivisions of State bodies of management of the logistics system, devices akims of various levels, in the bodies of public procurement management, As well as private structures, enterprises, organizations of all forms of ownership.

Alumni Testimonials

“In 2011, I enrolled in the Magistracy of management in the Caspian University. I chose this master program because it has a well-known reputation as a high-class education and a strong professional teaching staff, giving a unique learning experience. After two years, all the educational goals that I set for myself have achieved and largely thanks to the Special University environment in which I was fortunate to be. Since 2013, I am a lecturer at the Caspian University and I am grateful to him for being the second home for me. ” Dilmukhamametov Salavat Lukananovich Master of Law, senior lecturer at the Higher School of right “Adilet”