LawLess – Only success is ahead.

The dance club was created on September 10, 2015, when three students decided for themselves that dancing is something more than just a hobby. A team called itself “BlackFive” was recruited. Over time, the students in the club came more and the name with the number five did not correspond to reality. The new name “Lawless” has come. That from English translates as “rebellious”. To this day, students have the opportunity to develop their dance skills, to perform not only in the university, but also to create urban batly.

Lawless gathered dancers who do not have a professional choreographic education, but own the ability to dance. Our participants of the club try to study all kinds of directions in dances. Hip-Hop, modern choreography, MTV style, Vogue, locking, etc. Gaining experience, studying the performances of dancers of the world and various teams, we show our level at various events. Most often the most interesting spectacle takes place on the Batlah. Battle-competition between two or more dancers, with the use of improvisation. Not everyone will be able to go into the circle and show his talent in the dance.

No event is so bright if there is no “Lawless” team on stage. Someone believes that dancing is easy and they do not require the recoil of forces. But even if you come to our rehearsal, you can see that everyone tries to lay out in full on a simple workout. It is much more difficult to put dances than to take already choreographed choreography. Therefore, the leaders are the strongest dancers. By the way, Lawless is a small family, in which there are generations, and accordingly, and their choreographers.

 “Lawless”-“We are out of format”.