6D030100 “jurisprudence doctoral program

on speciality 6D030100″ jurisprudence “in the Caspian University is directed on preparation of the scientific and pedagogical personnel of the highest qualification for the gradual increase of level of their scientific and Pedagogical training. Preparation of doctors PhD is conducted in the scientific and pedagogical direction. The main tasks of doctoral program in specialty “6D030100 – Jurisprudence” are: formation of highly qualified specialists possessing knowledge and skills for their application in practice of the chosen area. The goals of “6D030100 – jurisprudence” are formulated based on the conditions of the environment and the need to position the program as a competitive educational product in the world market. They are determined by the competencies acquired by doctoral students in the course of mastering the program at the university, and provide consumers with information about the areas of training, the profile of the program and the types of professional activities to which are prepared Graduates of this educational doctoral program. Academic degree: Ph.D. PhD

Two entrance examinations:

on a foreign language;

on a profile subject (criminal law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, civil law of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

Form of training:


3 years (Scientific and pedagogical direction)

Specialization Educational Program:

-civil-legal trajectory;

-public-legal trajectory, peculiarities of the program.

Civil-legal trajectory “:

─ synthesizes advanced achievements of domestic and foreign almanah, normative provisions of empirical character, develops prognostic, organizational-practical, as well as ideological functions Civil, civil-procedural law, flowing sectoral and inter-branch legal institutions; ─ the volume and content of educational disciplines Civilisticheskogo direction is characterized by sufficient static normative material and has the property of progressive development in accordance with the dynamics of civil and civil Procedural legislation.

Public-legal trajectory “-reflects the general state of the current sectoral legislation in the criminal law sphere in the system of social, political-legal and social-economic relations; Possesses integrative properties in the conditions of combination of normative-theoretical content of criminal, criminal-procedural, tendencies and dynamics of its development, flowing inter-branch and applied educational disciplines in correlation with basic Components of practical jurisprudence development.

Profiling items/Exclusive Courses

Mandatory (special disciplines)Elective disciplines
Philosophy of LawTopical Problems of consumer law
Legal entities in international private law
Current problems of investment law
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral Awards
Topical issues of obligations law
State regulation in the field of subsoil use
Sociology of criminal behavior
Modern problems of administrative law and process
Topical problems of forensic examination
Topical problems of counteraction to corruption
Globalization and transnational crime
Theory of prevention of criminal offences

Trainers, Business coaches

The educational process in magistracy is provided by the highly qualified faculty consisting of 11 Doctors of Legal Sciences, 25 candidates of jurisprudence. “Adilet” has a rich scientific and pedagogical potential, professors and teachers of “Adilet” are known for their scientific achievements and possess high scientific authority in the Republic and in the countries of the Near and far abroad. The school conducts research in various fields of law. The PPP also carries out scientific advice to various State bodies on legal issues and contributes to the improvement of Kazakhstan’s legislation. In the composition of PPP-practicing lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, representatives of Deputy Corps and law enforcement bodies of the RK, members of the Scientific Advisory Council at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Moroz Svetlana Pavlovna-Doctor of Law, Professor Vak, dean of the Higher School of Law “Adilet”, academic professor;

Suleimenov Maidan Kuntuarovich-Doctor of Law, professor of WAC, academician of NAS RK, academic professor;

Didenko Anatoly Grigoryevich-Doctor of Legal sciences, Professor Vak, academic Professor

Kulash Muratova-Doctor of Law, Professor Vak, academic professor;

Karagusov Farhad Sergeevich-Doctor of Law, Professor Vak, academic Professor;

Andrey Chernyakov-Doctor of Legal sciences, Professor Vak, academic professor;

Yelyubaev zhumagheldy Sakenovich-Doctor of Law, Professor Vak, academic professor;

Saida Aminovna Akimbekova-Doctor of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor Vak, academic professor;

Podoprigora Roman Anatolyevich-Doctor of Legal Sciences, associate Professor Vak, academic professor;

Zhursimbayev Sagindyk Kemalovich-Doctor of Legal sciences, Professor Vak, academic professor;

Alhanova Gulnar Altynbekova-Doctor of Law, academic professor;

Nussenov Zholdasbek Musslimovich-Ph.D., associate professor;

Shaukenov Ali Temrlenovich-Doctor PHD, associate professor;

Abilova Maygul Nestaevna-PhD, associate professor;

Ayzhan Kalisovna, candidate of Legal sciences, senior lecturer, academic professor;

Sergey Klimkin-PhD in law, associate professor of the Academy of Sciences, associate Prof.

Sagyndyk Tairovich-Candidate of law, associate professor of the Academy of Sciences, associate Prof.

Beysenova Aimhan Usupbaevna-PhD in law, associate professor of the Academy of Sciences; Associate Professor;

Gulnara Bakhytovna, Ph.D., associate professor of the Academy of Sciences;

Mushatova Kulbaram Arystangazovna-candidate of law, associate professor of the Academy of Sciences;

Orazgalyevna-Candidate of law, associate professor of the Academy of Sciences;

Mukasheva Kulgaisha Vahitovna-Candidate of Legal sciences, associate professor of the Academy of Science WAC, associate professor;

Fatima Aidarovna, Ph.D., associate Professor;

Sarina Salim Abdykadrovna-Ph.D., associate professor;

Elena Nesterova-Candidate of Legal sciences, associate professor;

Natalia  Uvarova-PhD, associate professor;

Kalmagambetov Kasym Serikovich-Candidate of legal sciences, associate Prof.

Kaziyeva Gulzhauhar Tursunkhanovna-Candidate of Legal sciences, associate professor;

Svetlana Romanovskaya-Ph.D., associate Professor;

Kumysbekova Zhanara Tuleulovna-Candidate of legal sciences, Associate Professor;

Duysenova Asel Yerikovna-Candidate of Legal sciences, associate professor;

Nina Kotova-candidate of law, associate professor;

Kalimbekova Asel Rahatovna-PhD in Law, Associate Professor

Nurtaeva Gulmira Lvovna-Candidate of Legal sciences, associate professor;

Aikumbekov Nurlan Rahmetullaevich-Candidate of Legal sciences, associate professor;

Ms. Sophia Ramazanovna-PhD in law , associate professor.

Employment opportunities of :

  • the National Consumer League
  • German Society for International cooperation Gezlaw
  • firm Zanger
  • Kazakhstan international arbitration
  • international arbitration “IUS” JSC “Nurbank” of the law
  • Firm ” AEQUITAS»
  • International law firm GRATA
  • The foundation of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • law firm Dechert Lp
  • bostandyk District Court in Almaty

international activity

at present high School of law “Adilet” The Caspian University has concluded international agreements on cooperation with foreign universities, such as Xi’anjaoonguniiersity (Xi’an, PRC);

Hochschulewismaruniversityofappliedsciencestechnology, Businessanddesign (Wismar, Germany), Universitédeperpignan-ViaDomitia (Perpenyan, France), Max-Planck-GesellschaftzurFörderungderWissenschaften (Berlin, Germany), Northwestuniversityofpoliticalscienceandlaw (Xi’an, China); University of Peoples ‘ Friendship (Moscow, Russian Federation), “Ural State Law Academy” (Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation), International Prague University (Prague, Czech Republic), Law Institute at Kyrgyz National University. G. Balasagyn (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic), Doğuakdenizüniversitesi (Famagusta, Northern Cyprus), Neareastuniversity (NEU) (Girne, Northern Cyprus), Belarusian State University (Minsk, Republic of Belarus).

With our University Cooperating leading scientists of foreign universities such as: Professor, Doctor of Law Alexander Truk (Germany), Doctor of Law, Professor Ladu Chanturia (Georgia), Doctor of Law Hans-Achim (Germany),

Professor Stafford Smiley (USA), Doctor of Law, academician of the Academy of Legal Sciences Ukraykuznetsov Natalia Semynovova (Ukraine), Professor Rolknaper (Germany). In the Higher School of Law “Adilet” of the Caspian University introduced the programs of DVUPLODNO education with leading Foreign universities on doctoral studies, such as X’anjayonguniiersity (Xi’an, PRC); Hochschulewismaruniversityofappliedsciencestechnology, Businessanddesign (Wismar, Germany).