In the distant ancient culture of the Kazakhstani people, such musical instruments as Dombyra, Sybyzgs, Kobyz, Asathyak, Dahuylpaz, Sherter, Zhetygen, Kos Syrnai, Kerney, as well as many others occupied a rather significant place. Their subsequent development was directly related to the development of music in neighboring countries because of the common languages, the general way of life, general rites and customs.

Kazakh  instruments are divided into the main 5 groups: percussion, plucked, stringed, wind, reed. To master the art of playing on any of these instruments you can at the courses of the school of Arts. The goal of the program is to teach the basics of the game on Kazakh With you will be working professional masters of Dombovvoy music, teachers of the Kazakh National Conservatory. Kurmangazy and the National Academy of Arts. Zhurgenov, laureates of International and Republican contests and festivals, participants of the world-famous folk-ethnographic ensemble “Tұran”.

During the training you will be given the opportunity to meet with the meters of Dombrovva music, and Also to attend concerts and creative evenings, in the filming of music videos and movies.-

Classes are held individually.

-Cost of 1 lesson: 3500 TG.

-Duration of 1 lesson: 50 min.

-Frequency of courses-2 times per week.

-time of classes is determined individually.

When choosing 2 or 3 items you get a discount in the payment for the “package” of the courses.

The students, teachers and employees of the Caspian University, as well as their family members are given discounts.