JPEG-A team of creative people.

Many, having heard the name of the club, which for every significant event in the life of the university, provides photo and video reports, think about one of the image formats-“JPG”. But it’s actually more interesting.




G – the group

 Experts on photography is engaged in lighting all events. This is the only club of all that is in close contact with other teams. In JPEG were recruited the best students who own not only the talent of photo and video filming, editing, but also people with grandiose ideas. The person who takes photos or makes a video montage, should be able to see both the final picture and small things. To think outside the box, to catch the right moment…

JPEG is a young club founded in September 2016. After all, photographers of our university became an integral part of student life. The event took place in the Caspian University, it happens very often, and students are already waiting for new photos. On one of the social media pages where the high schools can write anonymous stories, they once put forward the idea that JPEG is taking people’s energies through photos. Despite the various jokes, or the touchy comments on why the next day there is no new album, the club experts do not lose their strengthened enthusiasm. and students, accustomed to the style of work of photographers, rejoice each report. However, the participants of the club do not share a common opinion about JPEG.

We have grandiose plans now. We are already on the way to implement them. We are charged, we believe in the further development of our club and its output to a level higher than the university. We want to remove from us the stigma of photographers and video graphs. Since we are a JPEG-a team of creative people with their eyes through the lens “-says the current manager Alyn Abdullamt

” Your view of the reality “