Step 1. To determine the speciality.

If you are interested in a grant, download the results of the last year’s grants distribution and select the specialties that match your elective subject and have the lowest grant score.

Then choose 4 of them, which you actually will write in the application. When choosing a special attention, pay a match to your subject of choice and, of course, how many grants are allocated for a particular specialty.

The Stage 2. Determine the university.

If you have decided on 4 specialties, you need to understand which universities have these specialties. Visit universities, reception committees. Ask students of these specialties. Are there any state grants in this university? Listen to yourself – whether you can study at this university. If you are satisfied with everything, it is now important to properly apply for a grant.

Step 3. Filling in the application

In the application it will be possible to apply for a grant in four different specialties, in four different universities or in one. The application form looks like a form of unt – a pink sheet with circles.

Important! Carefully fill in the codes of specialties, the code of the University. An error in one letter can send you to another city, to another specialty or deprive you of a grant at all.

Therefore, in advance write down the codes of specialties, usually in the points of application (most often it is high schools) there are documents with codes, but in view of queues and turmoil may not be so easy to learn all this, and the possibility to make a mistake is great.

The choice of the university in no way depends on the likelihood of receiving a grant-look only at your results unt, the presence of red certificate/ “Altyn Belghi “, as well as participation in International Olympiads. If you do not have a red certificate, gold medal or are not a participant in the Olympiad, and do not fall into the area of quotas, your chances are significantly reduced, even if you scored 125/125 on the unt.


If you are on a grant, let me congratulate you. However, do not forget that you can lose it. If you are going to study “satisfactorily ” you will be deprived of scholarships, and if you are training on the “unsatisfactory” you would be deprived of a grant and will be awarded to those who are studying perfectly.