Master’s degree program in 6D050900 “Finance” in the Caspian University is aimed at the training of specialists of the highest class for the financial system of the country, banking sector, scientific and educational sphere and sphere Government.

Academic degree: Ph.D. (PhD)

Two entrance exams:

  • On a foreign language;
  • on a profile subject

form of training:

Duration of training:

  • 3 years (Scientific and pedagogical direction)

In conditions of transition to three-tier system of education doctoral degree of PhD is the highest scientific degree awarded in accordance with the Bologna process, to which Kazakhstan is a participant.

Professional activity of Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) Related to both scientific and teaching activities, as well as to work in business and public service.

Educational training program involves fundamental educational, methodological and research training and In-depth study of disciplines in the relevant fields of science for the sectors of the national economy, social sphere: education, medicine, law, art, services and business.

Features of the program.

Doctoral program PhD-Professional Educational Program postgraduate education, aimed at the preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff with the awarding of a degree PhD (Ph.D.) with a normative period of training at least 3 Years. The education program of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) assumes fundamental educational, methodological and research preparation and in-depth study of disciplines of finance and economy.

Profiling items/Exclusive courses.

  • Methodology of economic research
  • taxation in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • problems of corporate finance modern tendencies of financial market development

Trainers are business coaches.

Chelekbai A.D.-Doctor of Economics, associate professor;

Ziyakbekov B. Z.-Ph.D., associate Professor;

Gumar N.A.-Ph.D., associate Professor;

Zhanibekova G. K.-Doctor PhD, associate professor;

Zhandauletov V.A.-K. N., associate Professor;

Lapbaeva S. Sh.-Ph.D., associate professor;

Telagusova E.  -Ph.D., associate professor;

Serikbayev S.G.  -Ph.D., associate professor;

Shalbaeva Sh. E.  -Ph.D., associate professor;

Program Partners

  • АО «Центр развития города Алматы»
  • АО «Nurbank»
  • ТОО «АйДжиЭм»
  • ТОО «ХБК «Аксай»
  • ТОО «Helios»
  • ТОО «Французский дом BSB»
  • ТОО «Ардагер»
  • ТОО «VITA Bottlers»
  • АО «Евразийский банк»
  • АО «Kaspi Bank»

Career prospects of the profession.

Graduate of doctoral degree in 6D050900 “Finance” is prepared for work in state bodies of Republican, regional and local level, banks, stock exchanges, financial and insurance companies, investment funds, Ministry of Finance of RK, National Bank of RK, in non-state pension funds, bodies of Treasury, financial departments and departments at Akimats of various level, financial services of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, i.e. at positions, requiring higher professional education.

Graduates in this speciality carry out managerial, entrepreneurial, commercial activity at the enterprises of all forms of ownership and spheres of activity, financial bodies and Insurance, banking organizations, on the securities market. Doctoral students can carry out pedagogical activity on preparation of highly qualified personnel for financial system of Kazakhstan.