master’s degree program in 6m 050900 “Finance” in the Caspian University is aimed at the training of specialists of the highest class for the financial system of the country, banking sector, scientific and educational sphere and sphere State Administration.

Academic degree: Master of Economics and business, master of Economics

Two entrance examinations:

on a foreign language;

On a profile subject the

form of training: the term of training:

1 year (profile direction)

2 Year (Scientific and pedagogical direction)

Specialization of the educational program:

-Corporate finance

graduates of the given speciality carry out managerial, entrepreneurial, commercial activity at the enterprises of all forms of ownership and spheres of activity, financial Bodies and insurance, banking organizations, on the securities market.

Specialization “Corporate Finance” is introduced taking into account the requirements of the regional labor market, the requirements of employers, the predominant desire of students in the specialty and Ensure the competitive advantages of graduates.

Specializations are approved by the Academic Council of the University. Features of the program. A master’s degree gives you the opportunity to either further your understanding of a particular issue or withdraw in a completely different way using the skills that you have received from your Previous baccalaureate. Features of the program is that it has a progressive curriculum with basic and specialized subjects.

Profiling items/Exclusive courses.

  • Finance Management
  • financial institutions
  • financing of investment projects
  • strategic banking management
  • taxation and administration in RK
  • International Banking supervision (Basel-2. Basel-3)
  • Financial management (advanced Course)
  • econometric methods in financial research
  • financial innovation

Trainers are business coaches.

Chelekbai A.D.-Doctor of Economics, associate professor;

Ziyakbekov B. Z.-Ph.D., associate Professor;

Gumar N.A.-Ph.D., associate Professor;

Zhanibekova G. K.-Doctor PhD, associate professor;

Zhandauletov V.A.-K. N., associate Professor;

Lapbaeva S. Sh.-Ph.D., associate professor;

Telagusova E.  -Ph.D., associate professor;

Serikbayev S.G.  -Ph.D., associate professor;

Shalbaeva Sh. E.  -Ph.D., associate professor;

Employment Opportunities

  • АО «Центр развития города Алматы»
  • АО «Nurbank»
  • ТОО «АйДжиЭм»
  • ТОО «ХБК «Аксай»
  • ТОО «Helios»
  • ТОО «Французский дом BSB»
  • ТОО «Ардагер»
  • ТОО «VITA Bottlers»
  • АО «Евразийский банк»
  • АО «Kaspi Bank»

Career prospects of the profession.

Graduate of Master’s degree in finance is prepared for work in state bodies of Republican and territorial level: Ministry of Finance of RK, Ministry of Economic Development and trade of RK, National Bank of RK, Committee on Control and supervision of financial market and financial organizations of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, executive bodies (departments and departments of Akimats) economic services of ministries and departments, banks, exchanges, budget organizations, Investment funds, economic entities of various organizational-legal forms, economical courts, the agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on struggle against economic and corruption criminality (financial police), and also scientific-research organizations.

Testimonials from alumni.

 “Studying in the magistracy was a great opportunity for me to learn a new speciality in the shortest possible time, since before that I studied at another faculty. Most of the disciplines taught here are profile, and the teachers are competent each in their field. All this allows in just 2 years to learn enough about the profession, even if you study it from scratch. By studying in the magistracy, you are more than a bachelor, “learn to learn”, because develop their skills of self-education, because here much attention is paid to the independent work of the student. I think these skills will be useful for those who wish to continue their studies in graduate school, and simply in everyday life. Master of Economic Sciences-Akimzhanov Tair Talgatovich»