Eventum-Create your own universe.

In the near 2014, the club “Panda Events” was created. The team decided to dilute the boring life of students, which is crammed with studies. Activists were eager to organize events on various subjects. This club was renamed EVENTUM in 2015.

EVENTUM is a club of young, talented, ambitious students engaged in organization of events, leisure, active student life in Caspian University.

This club develops organizational skills. A cohesive team develops new ideas, invents original scripts and conducts enchanting contests. Eventum is a reflection and unification of all student life. They support creativity in their strategy. Not everyone can stay in this club, because once again it will be necessary to show wit and ingenuity of the mind.  On the logo of the organizers you can see a rocket that flies up. The same goals are pursued by the club participants. Above. Faster. Stronger. Eventum wants to go to the inter-university level to raise the student life of our university.

Students with delight are waiting for new holidays. After all, everyone knows that everything will be at the highest level. On the account of the club Eventum, among the brightest events, there is Halloween, Secret Angel and Valentine’s Day. Each holiday hall of the Caspian University amazes with its atmospheric. All thanks to the fact that the participants work all evening to achieve the desired effect. This is one of those teams in which a small family formed.

  «To create space»