Caspian University provides 500 grants and discounts benefits.

Olympiad “Nurchallenge”

The Olympiad is the result of a strong, long-term partnership Caspian University with JSC “Nurbank” The program is aimed at successful and effective training of personnel for further employment.

Innovative format without essay and testing!


The Olympics “Creating the Future!”

Caspian University’s annual partnership program with 50 companies to provide school and college graduates with grants and discounts for the entire period of study.


Caspian Dream Team Project

The unique free bachelor’s program of training in the speciality “jurisprudence”. The contest is held to identify the most talented entrants to the Caspian University who are able to study under a special program.


Training benefits are provided in the form of:

  1. Social discounts (including orphans and disabled children)
  2. Loyalty program for Caspian University employees, partners and alumni/partner organizations
  3. Program of grants and discounts for university admissions for academic achievements
  4. Grants/discounts for high academic achievements, active social life and contribution to student life

The conditions and procedure for granting benefits are defined in the provision on educational benefits in Caspian University and affiliated educational institutions. The regulations are annually approved by the University management. Decisions on granting benefits are made by specially created commissions of each school/faculty on granting of grants/discounts and are executed by the protocol which is given for consideration of the Guide.

All the necessary information please call: 8 (727) 250 69 34, 250 69 35