Entrance to the scientific works “Adilet”

Information about the journal “Scientific Works” Adilet “

Journal “Scientific Works” Adilet “has a long history, published four times a year since 1996, being one of the leading scientific legal journals of Kazakhstan. The editorial board consisted of many well-known scientists-lawyers of Kazakhstan, the chief editors of the magazine in different years were academician of NAS RK Baimakhanov m. T., Professor Alimov s.v., Professor Nusenov zh. M. Since 2015 the editor-in-chief is Candidate of Legal Sciences, associate professor of the “Adilet” of the Caspian University of Kalmbekova ar.

At present the composition of the editorial board of the journal includes academicians of Nas RK Baimakhanov m. T., Suleimenov M.K., Doctor of Science, Professor Didenko A.G., Ilyasova K. M., Zhursimbayev S. K., honorary professors of Caspian University Dr. Rolf Knipper, Doctor of Law, Professor Kuznetsov N. and other prominent representatives of the legal science.

The magazine since 2015 embodies a new concept of development and strategy, according to which it is planned to turn the magazine into one of the leading scientific journals in the field of legal science in Kazakhstan and abroad.

The mission of the magazine is to create conditions for the exchange of scientific information and draw attention to the most relevant, promising areas of research on state and law issues. The journal promotes the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of legal science, the exchange of opinions of scholars-jurists, theoretical and practical experience of scientists and researchers at the national and international levels.  Reflecting the achievements of legal science and changes in legislation, will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the works of Kazakhstani and foreign authors, being a source of information about the latest scientific research in the field of state problems and Law, about held significant scientific conferences, round tables in the field of jurisprudence. The authors and readers of the magazine are domestic and foreign scientists, university professors, practitioners, doctoral students and undergraduates.

Journal “Scientific Works” Adilet “Coe is registered in the International Center of Registration of periodicals in Paris as a printed and electronic edition (certificate 2077-9860 of February 24, 2012).

The journal “Scientific Works” Adilet “is registered in the Committee of Information and Archives of the Ministry of Culture and Information (certificate № 9774-F of December 19, 2008).

Included in the information base of the National Center for Scientific and Technical information of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Ncnti RK),

The magazine is published once a quarter, the materials are issued in Russian, Kazakh and English languages.

The territory of distribution is the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS countries and far abroad. The journal is included in the catalogue of subscription editions of JSC “Kazpost”. Subscription index 75779