Welcome to the Adilet High School of Law!

The High School of Law”Adilet” was established in the structure of the Caspian University in 2007 and already has a glorious history and long-standing traditions. In 1992, the Academy of Jurisprudence was founded – the Gsom “Adilet”, which later became a part of the Caspian University.    The structure of the “Adilet” was originally comprised of two departments: the Department of Private Law disciplines and the Department of Public Law disciplines, and subsequently the Scientific Research Institute of privately-managed sciences under the direction of one of the founders of modern Civil science of Science of Kazakhstan – academician of Nas RK, Doctor of Sciences, Professor Suleymenova M.K. “Adilet” conducts training of highly professional specialists on speciality “jurisprudence” for work in law-enforcement bodies, and also in organizations Different forms of ownership.  During the years of fruitful work of the HSE “Adilet” managed to accumulate considerable scientific potential, which is confirmed by the variety of the most important directions of its research activity. Gsom “Adilet” is in constant creative development, its personnel is improved and replenished, there is a steady tendency of growth of scientific and pedagogical potential. In the framework of the school fundamental scientific researches in various spheres of law are carried out. Leading professors provide scientific advice to State bodies on legal issues and make a significant contribution to the improvement of Kazakhstan’s legislation.  The teaching staff of the school takes an active part in the development of drafts of legislative and other acts, giving expert opinions, participates in the organization and holding of webinars and round tables on topical problems Administrative, civil, land, tax, constitutional and criminal law. In the framework of academic mobility leading professors of the school carry out the departure to foreign universities with courses of lectures (Germany, PRC, etc.). In order to expand academic exchange and advanced training, teachers, doctoral students and undergraduates of the school undergo scientific internships in Germany, China, Ukraine, Estonia, etc. The school successfully carries out two-degree educational programs for doctoral students and undergraduates of speciality “jurisprudence” with foreign universities of Germany (Technological University of Vismar), France (University of Lorraine) and PRC (Xi’an University of Transport, north-west University of Politics and Law). In the rating of educational programs on speciality “jurisprudence” among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan the school occupies the second place on employment of graduates that reflects quality of preparation of students.  International scientific and practical conferences among young scientists and students are held annually on the day of Human rights protection in partnership with the foundation of the first President-leader of the nation.

Traditionally, the students of the school participate in the Republican Olympiad in legal knowledge, the international Student competition on international trade law and international Commercial Arbitration ICC Lex Mercatoria (Minsk), the Republican competition International arbitration, etc. Together with the Association of Pupils N.A. Shakenov round tables devoted to topical problems of State and law, social nature and organic communication of the right with the interests of the individual are held. A prominent place in the scientific life of the school is occupied by the Research Institute of Private Law, which with the assistance of the law firm “Zanger”, Kazakhstan international arbitration and the German Society for International Cooperation conducts annual International conferences within the framework of civil readings.  The following educational programs are carried out in the Gsom “Adilet”: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s degree, doctoral studies. You can find out in detail about each speciality and about faculty of the school in this section.

Moroz Svetlana Pavlovna,

Dean of the Gsom “Adilet”, Doctor of Sciences, professor