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About MBA Caspian Business School

The goal of Caspian business School is to give listeners a modern, high-quality business education, using advanced technologies, training programs aimed at developing key competencies of managers, and best business and management practice.

Caspian Business School conducts business training under the licensed MBA program “Master of Business Administration”.

Target audience-The program of business education is aimed at training senior and middle managers, business owners, prospective employees, and those who aspire to it!

What does an MBA give?


Advantages of MBA

• Development of key competencies of the modern leader;

• Structure of real business experience and develop skills of system approach to decision making;

• Development of professional competencies and career growth;

• Solution of real practical problems of business in the course of training;

• Adaptation of programs to the conditions of the Kazakhstani market;

• Highly qualified teachers-practice with experience of managerial work in business-structures;

• Cooperation with leading business schools and international companies (guest lectures, visiting modules in far abroad).

Content of MBA Program

Program Structure:

Duration of training – 12 months

The total number of classroom activities is 330. Hours

Number of loans – 23

Evening format: 2-3 times a week from 18.30 to 22.00

Modular format: Once in two months – 1 full week from 14.00 – 21.00

Teachers – Kazakhstani business practices and invited lecturers from near and far abroad countries

Completion documents:

• Diploma of the State model of RK

• Caspian Business School Diploma on the assignment of MBA degree

Teaching methods:

• Master Classes;


• Case-study;

• Imitation business and role-playing games;

• Lectures and seminars.

Admission procedure:

• Standard package of documents-questionnaire for incoming; Application for admission; Original and copy of the Diploma of Higher Education; A copy of the identity card; Copy of the work book; Four photos 3×4; Medical certificate (form 086 y); Summary

• Management test;


• Certificate of English language test

(National Testing Center certificate-Threshold score 30/TOEFL threshold Score-560 points/IELTS-6.0/Certificate of National Testing Center)

• Conclusion of the contract and payment.

Requirements for Admission:

• Availability of higher education;

• Work experience of at least 2 years.

Our contacts:

Tel: + 7 (727) 250 69 35, + 7 (727) 279 62 66

Mob: + 7 702 634 95 42, + 7 701 610 69 13