Dear friends!

We all want to be happy, right?

Happiness is an opportunity to live the way you want, to follow the call of the heart and the dictates of the soul! The Soul is eternal life, it is something that lifts us over any routine. The soul is a source of creativity, and every person has it! Each of us can become happy by developing our talents and tendencies! Be happy is never early and not late, but always on time! Unleash your true humanity-your way to create! Bring to the world something new and beautiful, make the world better! Master your creative Power! Make your Life brighter

and happier! Come to the school of Arts Kariynsarsenova!


Karina Sarsenova 

The School of Arts of Karina Sarsenova is a platform for realization of the creative potential. The choice of educational institution and the future profession-one of the most important and responsible moments in life. Professional growth, career, opportunities of self-realization depend on quality of received education. In our school of Arts we try to combine all the most advanced and valuable things that have accumulated Kazakhstan, Russian, American, as well as the European system of education. The School of Arts of Karina Sarsenova is very young and but dynamically developing. Interesting and saturated outside the educational life: shooting clips, films, the organization of concerts, theatrical productions. At the beginning of the third millennium we look forward to the future with optimism.

Our ship confidently floats on the waves of the stormy sea of our life.

Dean of the art School of Karina Sarsenova
Berekesev Galymzhan