Stage 1. Submission of application documents before July 7

Application for creative examination;
Receipt of payment state. Duties on CT (2242 tenge) on requisites
Photo 3×4-8 pieces;
copy of identity card;
Certificate of Secondary Education/Diploma of Medium-Special or higher education with the application (copy and original);
Health passport or medical certificate form 063;
Medical certificate Form 086-U;
Certificate of Attribution;
Picture of Fluorography;
The Stage 2. Creative Exam

Get the job.
Getting a CT Pass

Step three. КТА

Participation in CT

Step four. Results of CT + creative exam Results

Exam minutes, creative work, and CT points.

About the procedure:

Coming to the creative professions Pass Special (creative) exams, which are held by the receiving committees of their chosen universities.

Coming to the creative professions, indicate only one creative specialty. Upon admission to the creative professions reception of applications is carried out at the location of the university.

Important Dates:

Acceptance of applications for creative specialties from June 20 to July 7.
Special creative exams are held from 8 to 13 July.


The maximum number of points by drawing-40. The creative Examination (drawing) is estimated on the 30-ball scale. After passing two exams, the maximum score is 70. The number of special (creative) exams equals two. For the citizens entering on creative specialities, points on two subjects of UNT (or complex testing) are taken into account: Kazakh or Russian language, history of Kazakhstan and two creative examinations.


Entrants who have received under the Special (creative) examination less than 10 points or not appearing on them, to the complex testing for receipt on this speciality are not allowed.

It is not allowed to retake a special (creative) exam.