Speciality 5B072900

-Construction construction is a sphere of activity where the person embodies the ideas about reliability, comfort, aesthetics, construction occupies the leading position in multifaceted activity of the person, renders Significant influence on social, cultural and spiritual life of society. In the basic professional activity the tendencies of modern urban planning and basic principles of building design, volume-planning diagrams of buildings, role of elements of buildings in formation of planning and Architectural and artistic solutions of buildings.

Academic degree:

Bachelor of Technics and Technology on a speciality “construction”

subjects on a choice on UNT/TA:

Mathematics + Physic

the discipline kta (for entrants on a related speciality):

Building Materials + construction of buildings and structures

form of training:



learning period:

4 years after secondary education (in-kind);

3 years after the average professional (in-school, remote);

2 years after the higher (remote);

The objects of professional activity of the graduates are:

construction and installation management and organizations, factories for the production of construction products, joint-stock associations on construction.

Bachelors perform the following types of Professional activity:

  • Production and management – to manage collectives, carrying out construction and installation works on erection, operation and reconstructions of buildings, constructions, engineering systems and equipment;
  • On operation and repair of construction machinery;
  • design-design-perform design and construction works on building and reconstruction of buildings and structures, engineering systems;
  • organizational and technological – to organize work Construction of municipal organizations and enterprises;

Profiling items.

  • Building constructions I;
  • technology of building production;
  • engineering networks and equipment;
  • geodetic works in construction;
  • computer modeling of building structures;
  • construction machinery and equipment;
  • architecture and Construction of industrial buildings and structures;
  • design and calculation of reinforced concrete structures;
  • structural safety of buildings and structures;
  • reconstruction of structures;

The distinguishing feature of Caspian University is that we have More than 70% of practitioners are taught. We put our priority-to strengthen the practical direction of training of specialists.

Teachers, Business coaches:

Kulmanov N. K. – Ph.D., academic Professor;

Dosstanova S.H. – Ph.D., academic Professor;

Pak O. – Ph.D., associate professor;

Bubnovych e.v. – Ph.D., associate Professor;

Korzhempo A.I. – Honorary architect, associate professor;

Balykbayev B. T. – K. A-R., Associate Professor;

Samylov K.-D. Arkh., academic professor;

Mukhamadiev a.m. – K. A-R., associate professor;

Begzhigitov B. T. – M. A-H., Senor-lecturer;

Zaitov E. K. – M. A-H., Senor-lecturer;

who are the graduates of this speciality?

After graduating Specialty “Construction” you will be able to work in these areas:

  • positions of managers-the master of the plot, the head of the workshop (site), the manufacturer of works, Master of the workshop, head of the shift, head of the economic department;
  • positions Specialists-Engineer-constructor of III category, engineer on quality, engineer on construction supervision, engineer on Labour rationing, engineer on organization of work, engineer on organization of production management, engineer on labour protection and Technics Safety, engineer-Technologist of III category, technician-constructor, technician on Labour;
  • positions of the leading, scientific and technical workers, common for research, design, technological, project and survey Organizations: Engineer-Designer of III category.;