Caspian University-Flawless

At the 15th awarding ceremony of the best companies of manufacturers in the market of goods and services of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad the Caspian University receives the quality mark “flawless”. The League of consumers of Kazakhstan “together with the Association of Enterprises of impeccable business since 2000 annually conducts the research of the […]

Sign of European quality

International Convention “ESQR’s quality Achievements Awards ” Recognized Caspian University as a university providing quality services in the field of education, for which was received the award “Mark of European quality “. The participants of the Convention are well-known business leaders from different countries, academic experts and specialists in the field of quality. The “ESQR’s […]

Accreditation of Universities of Kazakhstan

Each worker process is subject to certain standards. In the field of education there is a procedure of official confirmation of the object compliance with established criteria and indicators. This procedure is accreditation. Each university is obliged to undergo accreditation procedure, so that the state is sure that a university provides really high-quality services in […]

Positive decision of the accreditation agency

Accreditation agency ACQUIN (Institute of Accreditation, Certification and Quality assurance ACQUIN) carries out accreditation of universities and educational programs both in Germany and in Kazakhstan. ACQUIN was entered in the European Register EQAR (April, 2009) and in the National Register of Accreditation Agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan (June 2012). The first visit of ACQUIN […]