Pop vocals

Variety Vocal is the development of musical abilities, formation of skills of singing activity and perfection of vocal skills: singing installation, sound formation, singing breath, articulation, intonation, development of a range. Development of skills of ensemble sing, development of harmonic hearing and intonation, and also acquisition of skills of work in collective. Conditions of admission: […]

Acting Art

Acting art is a professional creative activity in the field of performing arts, consisting in creation of scenic images (roles), a kind of performing creativity. Performing a certain role in the theatrical performance, the actor as though likens himself to the person on whose behalf he acts in the play. By influencing the spectator during […]


Piano Program “Piano” is directed on creative, aesthetic, spiritual and moral development of the trainee, creation of conditions for his acquisition of experience of performing practice, independent work on comprehension of musical art.  The approach to students of musical school is individual, as well as classes. During piano lessons, you take into account the physiological […]

Academic vocals

Learning academic vocals often involves working without a microphone. Thus, opera performers “fill” space of huge concert halls only by force and volume of own voice! Lessons of academic vocal are a complex of classes focused on the formation and development of the physiology of The Voice: the setting of correct breathing, the development of […]

Acting Masters

Acting classes are available to people of all ages. They will help you to become more confident, learn how to control emotions in different life situations, develop creative abilities, make the voice open and effective, become more bright and interesting person. With the help of various acting techniques develop attention, imagination, voice, body plastic, emotional […]

Kazakh national instruments

In the distant ancient culture of the Kazakhstani people, such musical instruments as Dombyra, Sybyzgs, Kobyz, Asathyak, Dahuylpaz, Sherter, Zhetygen, Kos Syrnai, Kerney, as well as many others occupied a rather significant place. Their subsequent development was directly related to the development of music in neighboring countries because of the common languages, the general way […]

Modern dances

Modern dance is a spectacular performance, which is of great interest to the younger generation. This kind of art is laconic combined into one whole variety of dance styles and elements of stage tricks. The program is aimed at providing the opportunity for learners to express themselves in dance, develop the ability to achieve creative […]