Caspian University own Diploma

Full official name of the university in three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English): Каспий қоғамдық университет; Каспийский общественный университет; Caspian University. Bachelor’s degree with honors and usual sample (hard cover and insert, size A5) Publication type – form (insert) with a hard cover. Unfolded hardcover format – 224 * 160 mm 1. Materials for the production […]

Student council

STUDENT’S CODE OF ETHICS STUDENT’S GUIDE ACADEMIC POLICY RULES OF ACADEMIC INTEGRITY ABOUT THE CASPIAN UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of Caspian University is a permanent representative collegial body of the university’s student self-government, whose activities are aimed at ensuring the realization of the rights of students to participate in the management of the […]

Rector’s blog

Good day dear guests of our site, students, colleagues! Let me welcome you to the Caspian University website! Throughout its 27 years of history and fidelity to the classic standards, Caspian University gives its students not only fundamental knowledge that allows them to walk through life with a high head, but also instill in students […]

Students of the Institute of Geology, oil and gas bussiness and IT at the UFA state Petroleum Technical University

Students of the Institute of Geology, gas and oil bussiness and IT at the UFA state Petroleum Technical University with the partnership of the Caspian University with the UFA State Petroleum Technical University (Bashkortostan) three students of our The university is undergoing semester training on the program of academic mobility: Bekmұratov serіk, Nazenғali akanserі and […]


LawLess – Only success is ahead. The dance club was created on September 10, 2015, when three students decided for themselves that dancing is something more than just a hobby. A team called itself “BlackFive” was recruited. Over time, the students in the club came more and the name with the number five did not […]


JPEG-A team of creative people. Many, having heard the name of the club, which for every significant event in the life of the university, provides photo and video reports, think about one of the image formats-“JPG”. But it’s actually more interesting. J-JOINT P-Photographic E-EXPERTS G – the group  Experts on photography is engaged in lighting […]


Eventum-Create your own universe. In the near 2014, the club “Panda Events” was created. The team decided to dilute the boring life of students, which is crammed with studies. Activists were eager to organize events on various subjects. This club was renamed EVENTUM in 2015. EVENTUM is a club of young, talented, ambitious students engaged […]

League of Volunteers

The League of volunteers – “We are citizens of the world” The “League of Volunteers” was founded on June 4, 2014. During this time, the “League of Volunteers” has managed to carry out large projects such as: Astana EXPO 2017, XXVIII Winter Universiade 2017, International NSL Futsal Cup, annually hold Almaty Marathon and many other […]

Debate Club

Caspian Debate School Debate club “Caspian debate School” is a student community engaged the promotion of debates. Debate is an intellectual game, a perspective for active young people — future leaders of society. The debate prepares for responsible decision-making, self-reliance and other skills needed in a civilized democratic society. The club was founded in 2015. […]

Daryndy Shanyrak

Daryndy shańyraq «Daryndy shańyraq» toby 2016 jyldyń 8 qarashasynda negіzіn qalady. Kaspıı ýnıversıtetіnіń ózge klýbtarynan  erekshelіgі, ýnıversıtetіmіzde eń alǵash boı kótergen qazaq toby. Onyń negіzіn qalaǵan Júnіsbaeva Gúlmaral Murathanqyzy. Osy az ǵana ýaqyt іshіnde «Daryndy shańyraq» toby kóptegen jandardyń júrekterіnen umytylmastaı erekshe oryn aldy desek qatelespeımіz. Olaı  deıtіn sebebіmіz, bul top ózіne  júrekterі keń, árqashan […]