АО “Nurbank” annually allocates 50 grants and discounts for training of specialists, which will not only be trained at the expense of JSC “Nurbank”, but will be prepared and guaranteed employment after graduation from the university. The winners of the Olympiad “Nurchallenge” showed high intellectual level, creative potential, ability to solve complex problems in the shortest possible time. During training at Caspian University the high potential of students will be enriched by professional knowledge and skills demanded by business that, in turn, is the basis of success of graduates of programs Caspian University. Olympiad “Nurchallenge” takes place in several stages. At each stage students who have broken into groups, it is necessary to perform various tasks-to earn money, to carry out flashmob, to do prnk and so on. Participants of the Olympiad developed the qualities demanded by modern employers: responsible leadership and communicative skills, creative potential, ability to solve complex problems in the shortest time and work in a team. “One of the tasks was to exchange a pen for something useful. I changed it to one, then another, and eventually brought an old camera to the university. When we found out how much it costs, it turned out that its price is 140 thousand dollars! “,-Valery shares his impressions.
“This is a good chance,” the rector of the university said. -In this way we give an opportunity to receive education on preferential terms. We gave students a chance to show their creativity, knowledge and skills. Half of success is a desire. ” Nursultan Janseitov winner of the Olympiad “Nurchallenge”: “I would like to thank all the organizers, participants, Caspian University and, of course, JSC” Nurbank “, for the incredible opportunity to get free training in one of the leading private Universities. From participation in this project I received a lot of positive emotions, the tasks were very interesting and difficult at the same time. Good life experience and familiarity with new people. ” * Olympiad “Nurchallenge” is held every year in the month of August.