Strategic objectives:

  1. Strategic organizational transformation.   
    The CU will undergo a strategic organizational transformation in the context of an effective balance of traditions and innovations, as well as achieving compliance with the main approaches to organizational design of the world’s leading universities.
  2.  Improvement of business processes.
    KU will constantly improve the system of relevant internal regulations and procedures in the areas of: attracting, selecting and developing the best students and listeners, teachers and employees; Organization and coordination of educational and research processes, joint development of research and teaching; Internationalization of the educational process;  Interaction with corporate partners and graduates;  Providing all operations with advanced IT resources;
  3. Development of educational programs.
    KU will develop its own unique educational environment in the following directions:Building an innovative system of organization of the educational process of world level, taking into account international standards of accreditation of relevant programs and creation of advisory councils of programs with participation of representatives of corporate Partners, graduates, etc., as well as the development of other forms of business involvement, representatives of executive authorities and state structures in the improvement of curricula and courses;
    Development and implementation of advanced techniques and technologies of training;
    Strengthening the system outside the educational work on the personal development of students and listeners;
    Introduction of advanced technologies of language learning and creation of language environment of fluency in the State language.
  4. Formation of scientific and research potential.
    KU will create a structure of organized research (Center for Research & Development) and provide conditions of high productivity of scientific and research projects, with strict conformity to the international criteria of quality of scientific work. Benchmarking work:Strong international and comparative accents;
    expressed interdisciplinary nature of research;
    active development of the principles of “open organization” and “open innovation” through the establishment of a network of partnerships with external experts.
    The CU will switch to the international criteria of assessment of achievements in scientific and research work:

    Publications in the leading scientific journals, including the leading international referable journals of categories A, B and C at the priority of publications included in the list of leading scientific journals;
    Influence on the quality of the educational process.
    To achieve this goal, a number of innovative transformations in the organization and management of scientific research will be carried out, including hiring of professional world-class researchers, introduction of the Institute of Foreign Researchers-consultants and invited researchers, additional incentives for scientifically productive teachers, etc.

  5. System development of infrastructure complex.
    The development of the infrastructure complex will be achieved by creating:Unified electronic accounting and resource management system;
    Unified electronic document management system;
    A unified electronic database of scientific and educational data.
    Modernization of the Library fund, which allows to ensure the transition to new technologies of service, use of a variety of information resources for PPP and trainees.
    Construction and commissioning of dormitories for 300 places and hotels by 2015
    Commissioning of the new hull for 12 thousand sq. m by 2015, corresponding to modern requirements and allowing to provide new quality for higher education system.
    Creation of a single publishing and polygraphic complex to 2016, providing the whole cycle of works on the production of educational and scientific literature.

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