Caspian University is a multidisciplinary university and is positioned on the market of educational services as a university providing quality, continuing education under the programs of pre-secondary education (college), bachelor and Magistracy (University).

Caspian University is the successor of the Kazakhstan Institute of Economics and Law (keep) and was established in 1992. From the day of its foundation he was headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, academician of AGN RK Elbisinov S.H. Admission of the first students was made in 1994. Since that time the university has carried out twenty-one editions of specialists, which successfully work in the State administration, business structures, banking sector and businesses.

In 2003, the Institute was awarded the status of “University” and subsequently renamed the Caspian Public University. In 2005, the new rector, Alimov Sergey Vladimirovich, came to the Caspian public university.

After the arrival of the new Rector the University began to expand its partnerships and in 2007 began a new stage of the university, because it was joined by the best law school in the country-Higher School of Law “Adilet”. In accordance with the agreements reached between her rector Matyukin A.A. and the rector of the Caspian Public university Alimov S.V., the head of the faculty became a member of Coe. One of the conditions of such association was preservation of the historical name of the Higher School of Law “Adilet”. This event was a new impetus for the development of the university in the right direction.

In 2013, the rector of the university was re-elected, in connection with the sudden death of Alimova s.v.. The new rector of the university became-Nusenov Zholdasbek Musslimovich. With the arrival of the new rector within the optimization of higher education institutions in Kazakhstan, it was decided to join the multidisciplinary University “Parasat” into the structure of the Caspian public university. This accession did not entail any consequences, students were happy to study together.

One of the main events that occurred in the university under the leadership of the new Rector was the rebranding of the university. In connection with the repositioning of the university, it was necessary to create a corporate identity that transmits the new ideology of the institution. The Caspian public university was named as Caspian University. The name has become more international in format.

This event influenced the university’s development strategy according to which Caspian University will have global recognition in the coming years.

Caspian University will act in line with the defining tendencies of world educational Progress, strives to realize the specific needs of the domestic economy, to use the achievements of domestic culture, to show The maximum possible autonomy and flexibility in the structure and content of education.