Caspian Sport Life

Caspian Sport Life – in the very name of the club everything becomes very clear. Activists of this organization, together with their mentor-who is Zhanabekov Alisher Seitkanovich-hold various tournaments between universities. It is thanks to the opportunity to organize such events, students develop not only physical data, because you can not talk about sports without doing it. But also team, communicative skills that will always be useful in life. This is one of those clubs that show that you need to develop beyond simple learning. You need to have your own explosive ideas, learn to organize events. Through this is the education of the individual and discipline. The club has three main rules: respect, discipline, mutual assistance. Despite the number of participants: few or many of us, everyone observes these rules. At the moment the club has 48 participants and all 48 are observing them.

In Caspian University This club started its work in September 2015. At the same time the mentor has a great experience in such sphere. The idea of the club itself originated in 2012 in AlmaU (formerly. Mab). Over time, the club began to be created in Turon, and came to our university. Not many student organizations can boast of connections with other universities. Caspian Sport Life is part of a large team with other universities, creating a sports organization called “Sport Life”. The distinguishing feature of this club, in our university, is that each participant has his nickname. From simple (“Yamochka”) to Unusual (“Neo”). It is worth remembering that it is like the legends of any sport. When after a magnificent victory, unexpected comparisons of the commentator, or coincidences during the game, the athlete gets his nickname.

The main task of Caspian University is to ensure that sport is actively developed among students. All events of Sport Life are held jointly and organized with the help of each participant, which confirms the presence of a friendly atmosphere in the club. Each event is very responsible, laying on all 100, despite the workload in the study or other cases, while doing everything.

Sport life is not just a club, sport life is a family!