“Caspian Dream Team” is a unique free Bachelor’s degree program in jurisprudence.

The competition is held to identify the most talented entrants entering the Caspian University able to study at a special The winners of the competition are provided with free training in trilingual (Kazakh, Russian, English) special program in the Higher School of Law “Аdilet” of the university on the basis of baccalaureate.

The objectives of the competition are to support and Encouraging entrants to receive high-quality higher education corresponding to the requirements of the modern labor market.

Participants of the competition can be:

-Graduates of colleges, coming in shortened form of training, with the presence of not less than 50 points on complex testing (CT);

-Graduates of secondary schools, with the presence of at least 80 points on the unified national Testing ( UNT);

-Graduates of colleges and secondary schools of previous years, with the presence of points at least 80 points on unt and CT-Graduates Nazarbayev intellectual school at least 80 points on the single national testing (UNT).

Graduates of the program are issued trilingual Specialists. For this purpose the students will have 5-6 hours per week of legal English, Russian and Kazakh language training. Moreover, once a year students will travel abroad and consolidate their knowledge of foreign languages, as well as to pass educational modules in foreign universities.

The total number of disciplines will be increased by 30%, and to a greater extent towards practical Educational modules. Starting from the 2nd course, the group will go to court sessions as well as to law firms to see how the theory is applied in practice. Starting from the 3rd year, each student will have a mentor (practicing lawyer). Students will actually become assistants to the mentor, helping him in the work. After the 3rd year the competition is held among the law firms for the students of this program, following which, after completion of training with them will be signed contracts for further cooperation and employment. Thus, the program of the 4th course will be selected under the conditions of legal companies and future positions of students.

The project “Caspian Dream Team” annually selects 25 students, who will be selected among the applicants who chose the fifth subject of the world History.

The program itself is absolutely free, and all costs are borne by Caspian University (the cost of the program for one student is 1 million 200 thousand tenge per year). The selection takes place in 4 stages: contest on UNT score, essay, testing for general knowledge, Interview.

Roman Podoprigora, head of the project, Doctor of Law, Professor Caspian University:

“This program will allow to select the best entrants who are able to pass a rather complicated and laborious program of training. It is profitable for both the market and future specialists. The market will receive qualified specialists ready to work at full capacity from the first day. And the future lawyers will be able to be sure of their future, because there are few such specialists in the market. ”

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