Academic vocals

Learning academic vocals often involves working without a microphone. Thus, opera performers “fill” space of huge concert halls only by force and volume of own voice! Lessons of academic vocal are a complex of classes focused on the formation and development of the physiology of The Voice: the setting of correct breathing, the development of […]

Acting Masters

Acting classes are available to people of all ages. They will help you to become more confident, learn how to control emotions in different life situations, develop creative abilities, make the voice open and effective, become more bright and interesting person. With the help of various acting techniques develop attention, imagination, voice, body plastic, emotional […]

Kazakh national instruments

In the distant ancient culture of the Kazakhstani people, such musical instruments as Dombyra, Sybyzgs, Kobyz, Asathyak, Dahuylpaz, Sherter, Zhetygen, Kos Syrnai, Kerney, as well as many others occupied a rather significant place. Their subsequent development was directly related to the development of music in neighboring countries because of the common languages, the general way […]

Modern dances

Modern dance is a spectacular performance, which is of great interest to the younger generation. This kind of art is laconic combined into one whole variety of dance styles and elements of stage tricks. The program is aimed at providing the opportunity for learners to express themselves in dance, develop the ability to achieve creative […]

Coming after КTA

Step 1. Submission of application documents up to 20 June. Duty (2242 tenge) by Props photo 3×4-8 pieces; copy of identity card; Certificate of Secondary Education/Diploma of Medium-Special or higher education with the application (copy and original); Health Passport, medical certificate form 063; Medical certificate Form 086-y; Certificate of presentation; picture of fluorography; Step 2. […]

Caspian University-Flawless

At the 15th awarding ceremony of the best companies of manufacturers in the market of goods and services of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad the Caspian University receives the quality mark “flawless”. The League of consumers of Kazakhstan “together with the Association of Enterprises of impeccable business since 2000 annually conducts the research of the […]

Sign of European quality

International Convention “ESQR’s quality Achievements Awards ” Recognized Caspian University as a university providing quality services in the field of education, for which was received the award “Mark of European quality “. The participants of the Convention are well-known business leaders from different countries, academic experts and specialists in the field of quality. The “ESQR’s […]

Accreditation of Universities of Kazakhstan

Each worker process is subject to certain standards. In the field of education there is a procedure of official confirmation of the object compliance with established criteria and indicators. This procedure is accreditation. Each university is obliged to undergo accreditation procedure, so that the state is sure that a university provides really high-quality services in […]

Positive decision of the accreditation agency

Accreditation agency ACQUIN (Institute of Accreditation, Certification and Quality assurance ACQUIN) carries out accreditation of universities and educational programs both in Germany and in Kazakhstan. ACQUIN was entered in the European Register EQAR (April, 2009) and in the National Register of Accreditation Agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan (June 2012). The first visit of ACQUIN […]

15.01.2019 of the year in the walls of CASPIAN UNIVERSITY passed the first day of open doors in 2019 year for graduates of college Aksim.

15.01.2019 year in the walls of Caspian University was the first Open day in 2019 year for graduates of the college Aksim. College graduates got answers to the most interesting questions. In order for future students to learn about specialties and directions, training programs and admission rules as much as possible, they presented a varied […]