Art School of Karina Sarsenova

Conducts a new set of creative courses for people of different ages

Those who wish to study at the courses will receive maximum practical knowledge and skills in various fields of art:

-Acting skills

-Pop and academic vocals



-Folk instruments

-Dances (European Standard and Latin-American)

-Tele-radio host

The course format is two to three times a week with a total duration of 1 to 3 months.

Participants of the courses have the opportunity to visit free master classes of artists, invited by the School of Arts and the producer Center KS Production.

At the end of the three-month course participants will participate in the concert and receive the certificate.

You are waiting for:

Unique teachers-acting actors and singers
Progressive training Program
opportunity to participate in contests and festivals
Visit to the musicals of Karina Sarsenova
Ability to play musicals
Meetings with interesting creative personalities and more.

To write to the courses, please contact us at: Caspian University, Almaty, etc. Seyfullina, 521 Cabinet 106

Call! Keep in touch! 8 777 269 90 13 – Karlygash Ahmetbekovna