Speciality “5В042000-Architecture”

bachelors majoring in “Architecture” are prepared to simulate design decisions, assess problems and trends in the development of their professional sphere. Making industrial and technical decisions in the field of civil and industrial construction, urban planning and landscape architecture. Restoration and reconstruction of historical buildings, architecture of the interior, as well as for the organization of project work in the collective.

Academic degree: Bachelor of Arts majoring in “architecture”

subjects of choice on UNT/КTA:

Creative exam + Creative exam

the KTA (for applicants on a related speciality):

Creative exam +Creative exam

the form of training: self-study, distance

learning Rock:

5 years after secondary education (in absentia)

3 years after the average professional (in- Remotely)

3 years after the higher (remote) sphere of professional activity – construction, science, education and departments of Architecture and Urban planning of district, city and regional levels.

Specialization-Architecture Residential and public health

objects of professional activity of the graduate of educational program are the artificial environment of human habitation with its components (cities, other inhabited localities, buildings and constructions, their complexes and fragments-with Systems of life support, safety, landscapes) and processes of its modelling, creation and use by the person and the society.

Profiling objects.

  • Architectural Design
  • World Architectural
  • Design of energy-efficient
  • Сonstruction of modern finishing materials,
  • Сolor modelling
  • Geodesy
  • Regional peculiarities of architecture of Kazakhstan
  • Architectural virtual modelling
  • the basis of BIM-technological

Distinctive feature of Caspian University is that we are taught by more than 70% of the teachers-practitioners. We put our priority to strengthen the practical orientation of training specialists.

Teachers, business trainers:

Kulmanova N. K. – Ph.D., academic Professor;

S.H.-Ph.D., academic Professor;-PhD, associate professor;

Bubnovych E.V. – Ph.D., associate Professor;

Korzhempo A.I. – Honorary Architect, associate professor;

Balykbayev B. T. – K. A-R., associate professor;

Samylov K.-D. Arkh., academic professor;

Mukhamadiev A.M. – K. A-R., associate professor;

Begzhigitov B. T. – M. A-H., Senor-lecturer; Senor-lecturer;

Who are the graduates of this speciality?

After graduating from the speciality “architecture” you will be able to work according to the direction of the Markitector; technician of the first category; Associate researcher; laboratory engineer; Research institutions, design and project organizations.