Acting art is a professional creative activity in the field of performing arts, consisting in creation of scenic images (roles), a kind of performing creativity. Performing a certain role in the theatrical performance, the actor as though likens himself to the person on whose behalf he acts in the play. By influencing the spectator during the performance a special playing space and a community of actors and spectators are created.

Conditions of Postuplenijapostupajushhim on the basis of secondary education (after 9 and 11 grades) it is necessary to pass creative examinations on Directions ” Pop vocal ”

Acting skills

On the basis of secondary special education (after college) it is necessary to pass the Act and creative

Examinations in directions” Pop vocal “,” Acting mastery ”


  • Dual education system;
  • The curriculum is formed on the basis of standards VGIK;
  • Best stuff;
  • Cooperation with the largest producer center in Kazakhstan, KS-production;
  • Presence of a platform for creative growth-experimental theatre of musical;
  • Participation in international projects, festivals and contests;
  • Master classes from pop stars, Maestro of academic vocal, and instrumental genre, famous actors, composers, directors;
  • Possibility to receive discounts and preferential conditions;
  • Possibility of Trudoustrojsta in partner companies.