Each worker process is subject to certain standards. In the field of education there is a procedure of official confirmation of the object compliance with established criteria and indicators. This procedure is accreditation. Each university is obliged to undergo accreditation procedure, so that the state is sure that a university provides really high-quality services in one of the main spheres influencing the development of society-the sphere of education.

Kazakhstan has an independent Kazakhstan agency for Quality Assurance in Education (Ncaoko), which was established in 2008 as a non-profit organization in the form of an institution. The activity of the Agency is based on the principles of social partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of RK, Association of higher Educational institutions of RK, universities and colleges, employers ‘ associations, as well as consumers of educational services. The agency’s work is aimed at improving the mechanisms of the system of Accreditation procedure introduced in Kazakhstan, ensuring the systematic process of obtaining and evaluating objective data of educational activities of universities and colleges.

In 2015, a positive decision was made on the institutional accreditation of Caspian University to the year 2020 under Ncaoko.

The successful completion of institutional accreditation by the University is the recognition of the results of the Permanent Improving the quality of the educational process and striving to meet international standards.

Every year the ranking of specialities among Kazakhstani universities is compiled. The rating covers educational programs: Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. This year we present the rating – 2016 according to the version of the independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance agency in education. Caspian University confirms its successful development in all the following specialties!

Bachelor program

SpecialtyPlace in rating
Geology and exploration of mineral deposits1
Oil and gas Business 3
Construction 5
Architecture 5
Marketing 6
Psychology 7
Design 8
Translation Business8
Accounting and auditing13

Master’s Program:

SpecialtyPlace in rating
Geology and exploration of mineral deposits1
Oil and gas Business 2
Marketing 6