Learning academic vocals often involves working without a microphone. Thus, opera performers “fill” space of huge concert halls only by force and volume of own voice! Lessons of academic vocal are a complex of classes focused on the formation and development of the physiology of The Voice: the setting of correct breathing, the development of articulation apparatus, the coordination of external and internal hearing, etc. even posture here has Value!

The school of Arts has developed an academic vocal program for children and adults. Success in working with the child depends on the skill of the teacher and the attitude of the learner. Our school is proud of its pedagogical team:

during the training you will be given the opportunity to meet with the meters of academic singing, world stars, as well as to participate in concerts and creative evenings, in the filming of musical Video clips and movies.

Individual classes.

-Cost of 1 lesson: 3500 TG.

-Duration of 1 lesson: 50 min.

-Frequency of courses-2 times a week.

-The time of classes is determined individually.

If you choose 2 or 3 items, you Get a discount in the payment for the “package” of courses.

The students, faculty and staff of the Caspian University, as well as their family members, are provided with discounts.