ACQUIN-Institute of Accreditation, Certification and quality assurance, Germany.

The purpose of accreditation procedure is to evaluate the quality of the educational program and its accreditation based on the self-assessment of the university and the results of the expert By the group.

The decision on Accreditation of ACQUIN Institute takes entirely on the basis of transparent criteria. The criteria applied only partially rely on so-called standards. Standards play a special role in the creation of transparency, the delineation of boundaries and the legal norms.

Elements which are considered in the educational program:

  • The educational program has clearly defined, valid Objectives.
  • The concept of the educational program makes possible (planned) realization of the goals.
  • The necessary organizational and resource prerequisites are available.
  • The concept is implemented accordingly.
  • With the help of recognized methods of evaluation the university Periodically checks whether the goals of the educational program are achieved stably and there is no need to change it, and if necessary, improve it.

This guide is oriented to the European directives “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education area (ESG) and can be used in the case of a national procedure aimed at obtaining a quality mark assigned by the Accreditation Board and in the case of an international procedure, the purpose of Which is the attribution of the quality mark by the Accreditation Institute ACQUIN.